Richard (Rick) Kingston, PharmD

Clinical Professor, Professional Education Division
Richard Kingston


Office Phone
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SafetyCall International PLLC
3600 American Blvd. West STE 725
Bloomington, MN 55431
United States


Clinical Professor, Professional Education Division


Doctor of Pharmacy, University of Minnesota, 1978

Bachelor of Pharmacy, University of New Mexico, 1976


Post-Doctoral Fellowship Clinical Toxicology/Clinical Pharmacokinetics, University of Minnesota, 1979

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The focus of my research, service and education efforts has been in the area of Clinical Toxicology and Consumer Product Safety including Regulatory Policy making and all issues related to the safe and effective use of consumer products. My research and practice interests coincide with those of my colleagues at our practice site, SafetyCall International PLLC, where we provide corporate clients and manufacturers with authoritative, state-of-the-art post market surveillance support. It has been my goal to educate our students as to how they can use their training to help companies design, market and monitor for safety, a variety of consumer products that will meet their intended use without injuring or adversely impacting consumers, their pets or the environment. In addition to advising the consumer product markets that include EPA and CPSC regulated products, I have a specific interest in poisoning data collection systems as well as interpretation of incident data depicting the safety of drugs, dietary supplements, and botanical containing natural products.

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Research Summary/Interests

  • Poisoning Prevention
  • Post Market Safety Surveillance and Product Stewardship
  • Epidemiology of toxicology related incident data
  • Consumer product safety and related regulatory affairs and regulatory policy
  • Advances in the clinical management of patients being treated or evaluated for drug
  • toxin or consumer product exposures
  • Drug; Dietary Supplement; and Botanical Safety


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