Amy Pittenger, PharmD, MS, PhD

Department Head and Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Care & Health Systems; Interim Associate Dean of Professional Education
Amy Pittenger


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7-159B Weaver-Densford Hall
Minneapolis, MN 55455
United States


Department Head and Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Care & Health Systems
Director: Interprofessional Integrative Mental Health Focus Area, College of Pharmacy
Interim Associate Dean of Professional Education


Doctor of Pharmacy, University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy

Doctor of Philosophy Curriculum & Instruction, Learning Technologies, University of Minnesota, College of Education & Human Development

Master of Science Clinical Scientist Program University of Pittsburgh, School of Pharmacy

Bachelor of Science, University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy

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Amy Pittenger completed her Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy in 1992 and her Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 1993 at the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy. After graduation, she continued her training at the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy in the Clinical Scientist Program, where she received a Master of Science degree in Clinical Science. Following the completion of this training, Dr. Pittenger joined the faculty at the University of Pittsburgh, in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Dr. Pittenger returned to Minnesota to accept a position in the Scientific and Medical Affairs Division of Parke-Davis as a Medical Liaison. In 2000, Dr. Pittenger joined DaVita Clinical Research as a Clinical Scientist. In this position, she was involved in the development and coordination of Phase I-IV clinical trials. Dr. Pittenger then took a position with Upsher-Smith Laboratories, a local Minnesota pharmaceutical company that was interested in changing the technical training program for its sales representatives. In this new role, Dr. Pittenger was able to combine her previous academic, industry and research experience to developing new strategies for training sales representatives on topics such as physiology and disease state, pharmacology and clinical research evaluation.

Dr. Pittenger joined the University of Minnesota, College of Pharmacy in April 2005. In her position as Associate Director, she was responsible for developing and implementing new online courses for undergraduate, graduate, and health professional students. In this role, she was successful in developing innovative educational strategies that have been presented at international educational meetings and published in top tier educational journals. She also holds a faculty appointment of Associate Professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Care and Health Systems.

In 2011, Dr. Pittenger earned a PhD from the College of Education and Human Development, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Learning Technologies Program. Her dissertation title was “Exploring the use of a Social Network to Facilitate and Integrate Long-Term Interprofessional Educational Experiences”. Her research interests include educational research, specifically evaluating the use of language via digital and collaborative virtual spaces as a teaching and assessment tool and interprofessional education.

Dr. Pittenger’s pharmacy career has included many diverse settings, including basic and clinical research, practice in the critical care setting and with underserved populations, pharmaceutical industry, and academia – specifically distance education/online teaching and now interprofessional education.

Awards & Recognition

2022 The Vickie R. Courtney Award for Outstanding Service to University Senate Governance

2022 Academy of Distinguished Teachers, Graduate and Professional Education Award

2020 President’s Award for Outstanding Service University of Minnesota 

2015 Nominated and accepted as lifetime member into the Academy of Excellence for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, University of Minnesota Academic Health Center 

2014 Accepted as Full Member Wulling Center for Innovation and Scholarship in Pharmacy Education 

2013 Nominated and Elected Academic Leadership Fellow Program, American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (1 year program) 

2012 Nominated and Elected Program Chair, American Educational Research Association, Computer and Internet Applications in Education Special Interest Group (2 year term) 

2012 Finalist for Horace T. Morse University of Minnesota Alumni Association Award for Outstanding Contributions to Undergraduate Education 

2011 Manuscript Reviewer Acknowledgement – Voted by fellow reviewers to have reviews that are in the top 15% of quality feedback (JMCP) 

2010 Teaching Excellence Award Pharmaceutical Care and Health Systems 

2009 Teaching Excellence Award Pharmaceutical Care and Health Systems 

2008 Teaching Excellence Award Pharmaceutical Care and Health Systems 

2008 Elected member of Pi Lambda Theta – International Honor Society and Professional Association in Education 

2008 Elected member Women’s Leadership Institute, University of Minnesota 

Professional Associations

Educational Consultant National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education

American Educational Research Association (AERA): 2007-present

Member-Computers and Internet Applications in Education Special Interest Group (2007-present) 

Elected Program Chair – Computers and Internet Applications in Education Special Interest Group (2012-2014) 

Ex Officio Member – Computers and Internet Applications in Education Special Interest Group (2015 – present)

American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP): 2005-present 

Teaching Excellence Task Force (2008-2010) 

Academic Affairs Committee-member (2015-2016) 

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Research Interests

Mixed-methods and qualitative methods Distance Education Interprofessional Education



Current Teaching - HSEM 2724: The Sex Talk You Should Have Had Phar 6907: Interprofessional Collaborative Practice in HIV Care Phar 6902: Foundations for Integrative Mental Health and Psychiatric Practice Phar 6903: Assessment and Management of Psychiatric Disorders - Co-Director Phar 6907: Interprofessional Collaborative Practice in HIV Care


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Ng, S.**, Jones, R.B., Schwartzwald, L., Murugappan, M., Pittenger, A., Edwards, K., Seifert, R. (2019). Innovative Partnership Between a Rural Mental Health Center and Community Pharmacy: Integration of a Mental Health Pharmacist. INNOVATIONS in pharmacy, 10(2), Article 17.

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University of Minnesota Grants
“One Health Student Club Project”, Carolyn Garcia, PI (collaborative effort between Nursing, Veterinary Medicine, Public Health, and Pharmacy)
1/13-12/13, Institute on the Environment grant funding. $2000

“Diabetes Experience: An opportunity for interprofessional learning around diabetes.” Sarah Westberg, Amy Pittenger, Mary Rowan, Sarah Schweiss
2011-2012 University of Minnesota Academic Health Center Phase II 1Health Grant
Funding: $20,987

“Digital writing in a doctoral level pharmacotherapy course for physical therapy students.” Amy L. Pittenger.
6/09- 12/09, University of Minnesota Center for Writing Grant funding. $5000

“Designing and Evaluating Dietary Supplement Patient Care Simulations for Eight Distinct Student Groups on Three Campuses” Kristin K. Janke, Amy L. Pittenger, Melissa A. Bumgardner
2006-2007 University of Minnesota Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) Grant funding. $8,600

Non-University of Minnesota Grants
“Integrating MTM Provided by Community Pharmacists into a Community-based ACO”. Brian Isetts, PI, 8/14-8/15, Community Pharmacy Foundation. $87,966; 3% salary offset

Rural Health Workforce Development. Amy Pittenger, PI, 9/13-8/14, Health Resources and Services Administration. $27, 388; 20% salary offset

“Advanced Nursing Education Program for Addressing Health Care Needs of People with Multiple Chronic Conditions within Interprofessional Education Model”, Merrie Kaas, PI, Amy Pittenger National Center for IPE liaison and educational design consultant.9/13 – 9/16, Health Resources and Services Administration. 1,052,875 total, approximately $350,000/year for three years; 5% salary offset 2013, 10% salary offset 2014-2016.

National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education, Barbara Brandt, PI, Amy Pittenger lead of Minnesota Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice network within National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education from 10/12-1/14
10/12-10/17, Health Resources and Services Administration. $800,000/year for five years

Finalist, but unfunded “Health Teams” – virtual badging for interprofessional education credentialing and motivation. Amy Pittenger, PI – co-investigators Jude Higdon and Barbara Brandt. 3/12, MacArthur Foundation. $200,000

"Assuring Quality and Diversity in Advance Practice Nursing" Catherine Juve, PI
9/11 – 9/12, Health Resources and Services Administration. $800,000; 3% salary offset

“Advancing Medication Therapy Management Services: Creating increased
awareness and utilization of MTMS CPT billing codes” Sarah M. Westerberg, PI, Amy L. Pittenger
2/09 – 7/09, Pharmacist Services Technical Advisory grant funding. $25,000