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Site Stats

Host Site: Goodrich Pharmacy
NMS Match Code: 111221
Program Length: 1 year
No. of Positions: 1 per year
Site Coordinator: Amanda Schroepfer, PharmD 
Additional Preceptors: Steve Simenson, Stephanie Davis, PharmDCory Middendorf, PharmD
Resident: Meet the current resident(s)

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Site Profile

Goodrich Pharmacy is an independent community pharmacy that has been serving patient’s for over 130 years. Currently, there are four locations throughout the north metro area. Goodrich has collaborative practice agreements with local physicians and provides CMM both in the community and ambulatory care settings. Goodrich focuses on patients’ needs and provides many patient care services, including disease state management, CMM, blood pressure monitoring, medication adherence support, pharmacogenomics and tobacco cessation services. At Goodrich, the patients always comes first.

Goodrich Pharmacy also participates in practiced-based research to help increase the medical community's knowledge regarding patient's experience with medication. Goodrich Pharmacy provides services to local nursing homes and assisted living facilities by blister-packaging medications and providing pharmacy consulting services. The pharmacists also complete a variety of compounding services including capsules, creams, troches and suppositories. The pharmacy is a teaching site for the University of Minnesota and other Colleges and Universities across the Midwest. College of Pharmacy students from the University of Minnesota and other schools are very involved in providing patient care, and many students also fulfill their IPPE and APPE requirements at the pharmacy.

Pharmacy Services: Adult immunization, Asthma Management, Medication Adherence Program, Blood Pressure Monitoring, Cholesterol Screening, Diabetes Management, Medication Therapy Management, Smoking Cessation, Veterinary Compounding, Specialty Compounding, Pharmacogenomics.

Educational Experience

The resident at Goodrich Pharmacy will be responsible for much of the patient care that takes place at our site. During their residency year, the resident will spend part of their time in the clinic providing patient care services including CMM and disease state management with the use of 9 different collaborative practice agreements. As leaders in community pharmacy CMM, Goodrich Pharmacy expects the resident to uphold this standard and continue to expand this service in our four locations. In doing so, they will become proficient in using multiple billing platforms and develop the skills to start, manage and grow a CMM program. The pharmacy also collaborates with multiple local mental health providers to offer pharmacogenomic testing and education for patients.

They will also be responsible for marketing and managing our influenza and adult vaccination program. The resident conducts regular chart reviews for local assisted living facilities and provides regular patient presentations to their residents. Throughout the residency, the resident is involved in helping precept students, leading journal club discussions and completing a quality improvement project. On top of all of these responsibilities, the resident is also an integral member of our pharmacy staff and is required to staff the community pharmacy on a regular basis.

Typical Weekly Schedule (PDF)

Site Coordinator

Picture of Amanda Schroepfer, PharmD, BCACP

Amanda Schroepfer, PharmD, BCACP is a Comprehensive Medication Management and clinical staff pharmacist for Goodrich Pharmacy. She graduated from Creighton University in 2010 and completed a residency with Goodrich Pharmacy the following year. She currently provides CMM services in Health Partners clinics located in Anoka and staffs the Goodrich Pharmacy in Anoka. She is the primary resident preceptor.      


Steve Simenson, is the current president and managing partner of Goodrich Pharmacies. Steve has cared for patients since 1977. He graduated from the University of Minnesota, College of Pharmacy with his spouse Wendy who also is an active Community Pharmacist. He participates daily in innovative practice initiatives. He is involved in project IMPACT, practice based research, medication therapy management, collaborative practice, employer health and wellness services and compounding. He and his staff are adjunct faculty at the University of Minnesota, providing mentorship, clerkships and an accredited Community Pharmacy Residency. He is on the city of Ramsey Charter Commission Board and an active member of the Anoka Rotary Club. He is past-president of the Minnesota Pharmacists Association, served a 3 year term on the APHA Board of Trustees and is a past-president of the APhA. Awards include Minnesota Community Pharmacy Preceptor of the year and Bowl of Hygeia Award, Harold R. Popp Award, University of Minnesota Distinguished Alumni Award, Merck Pharmacy Leadership Award and the NCPA Community Pharmacy Leadership Award. He and Wendy received the Weaver Medal from the University of Minnesota, College of Pharmacy December 15, 2006. He’s been recognized by his peers as a Fellow of the American Pharmacists Association, Fellow of the American College of Apothecaries and the American College of Veterinary Pharmacists. Steve is a member of APhA, NCPA, National Academies of Practice, ACA and ACVP. Steve is at his best when he is helping patients.

Stephanie Davis, PharmD, BCACPis a clinical staff pharmacist and part owner of Goodrich Pharmacy. She graduated from The University of Minnesota Twin Cities in 1999. She has received MPhA's Distinguished Young Pharmacist Award and PIPCO's Innovative Pharmacy Practice award. She currently manages day to day corporate operation, staffs at Goodrich Pharmacy in Anoka, and she helps precept APPE and IPPE students. Her pharmacy interests include compounding, CMM, and advancing the practice of pharmacy. Her interests outside of pharmacy include exercise, reading, travel, and most sports watching or playing.

Cory Middendorf, PharmD, BCACP, MBA  graduated from Drake University in 2016. He completed his residency at Goodrich Pharmacy in 2017 and now works as a Comprehensive Medication Management and clinical staff pharmacist at Goodrich Pharmacy in Anoka. He also staffs the Goodrich Pharmacy in Anoka and works closely with APPE and IPPE students as well as the pharmacy resident.