Cashwise Pharmacy

Site Stats

Host Site: Cashwise Pharmacy/Centracare 
NMS Match Code: 111236
Program Length: 1 year
No. of Positions: 1 per year
Site Coordinator: Julie Hansen, PharmD 
Additional Preceptor(s): Jason Miller, PharmD
Resident: Meet the current resident(s)

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Site Profile

CentraCare in Willmar, Minnesota is the hub of their multi-specialty health network with over 180 physicians and advanced practice providers in 40 specialty areas. Centracare physicians serve Rice Memorial Hospital, a 100-bed regional facility, and the Willmar Surgery Center, an outpatient surgery facility located on our campus.

Cash Wise Pharmacy is part of a supermarket chain primarily serving rural communities throughout the Midwest. Currently, there are 36 pharmacies in Minnesota, 1 in South Dakota, and 1 in Wisconsin under the banners of Coborn’s, Cash Wise, and Marketplace Foods. Cash Wise Pharmacy in Willmar strives to provide the highest quality care to their patients and to serve as a collaborative business partner with Centracare. The pharmacy serves a very diverse population which allows the resident the experience to provide care for populations with health disparities through outreach events and public health education.

The clinic and pharmacy are also part of Southern Prairie Community Care, which is a 12 county Accountable Care Organization that works collaboratively with community partners on innovative strategies to improve the health of people in the region. Their work is centered on population health initiatives, developing a regional electronic medical record to support care delivery, and implementing integrated collaborative community care processes that respond to individual patient needs and dynamics to improve their health status.

Educational Experience 

In addition to seeing patients and providing comprehensive medication management, the resident will manage the pharmacy’s medication therapy management (MTM) practice as well as the immunization program under the supervision of the preceptor.  The resident and preceptor will also work closely with the staff at Centracare to establish MTM services at the clinic and support additional ambulatory care services as necessary. The resident will also be responsible for holding health seminars for the Willmar community.

Typical Weekly Schedule

Site Coordinator

Picture of Julie Hansen, PharmD

Julie Hansen, PharmD, is a staff pharmacist at Cash Wise Clinic Pharmacy in Willmar, Minnesota with a primary emphasis on medication therapy management since 2008. She has spent much of her time this past year working with the startup of Southern Prairie Community Care (SPCC), a 12 county integrated community care system.  Dr. Hansen received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from South Dakota State University in 1999.  She worked as a pharmacy manager and national pharmacy recruiter for Osco/Albertson in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for 2 years, and then 5 years as a clinical pharmacist at Rice Memorial Hospital in Willmar.  Dr. Hansen currently serves on the SPCC Community Partners Committee, SPCC Somali task force committee, SPCC mediation use subcommittee, and SPCC board of center for health improvement.


Jason Miller, PharmD, is the Pharmacy Clinical Program Manager for Coborn’s Inc., and has been with the company in different roles since 2005.  Some of Dr. Miller’s key areas of focus are medication therapy management, immunization services, and precepting students and residents.  Dr. Miller is a graduate of the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy, class of 2011, and is involved in several national and local organizations including ASHP, ACCP, MPhA, and MSHP, he currently serves on MPhA’s MTM Academy, the Peer Advisory Panel for the MedEdgeRx Network, and the Pharmacist Advisory Board for Apothecary Products.