Century Mortar Club

white coat ceremony group photo

For more than 50 years, the College of Pharmacy’s Century Mortar Club (CMC) has played a key role in advancing pharmaceutical education in the College of Pharmacy. Originally founded in 1968, the CMC and its members, who include college alumni, pharmacists, and friends of the college, have demonstrated tremendous commitment to supporting students and enhancing the student experience. Since its inception, the CMC has been focused on advancing the educational experience of tomorrow's healthcare leaders: pharmacy students.

If you would like to make a gift to support students at the College of Pharmacy, including those initiatives led by the CMC, please make a gift to the Pharmacy Annual Fund today. Through gifts to the Pharmacy Annual Fund, donors like you provide the financial support the College uses to fund student health outreach programs, student travel, and activities that foster student-pharmacist relationships, including those led by the CMC.

Executive Officers

Craig Else, President
Amie Jo Digatono, Past President
Marsha Millonig, Vice President
Bruce Benson, Secretary
Linnea Forsell, Assistant Secretary

Board Members

Michelle Aytay
Christy Bartels Eid
Karen Bastianelli
Richard Bruzek
Olivia Buncher
Lois Dellwo
Amie Jo Digatono
Del Doherty
Earl Dunham
Marilyn Eelkema
Molly Ekstrand
Craig Else
Linnea Forsell
Kathy Jonsrud
Judy Kelloway
Marsha Millonig
Jim Novak
Souk Phaenghoune
Madelynn Reichmann
Scott Setzepfandt
Richard Shneur
Patrick Wadzinski

Ex-Officio Board Members

Bruce Benson
Stephen Schondelmeyer
Jessica Ward-Denison
Lynda Welage