Women in pharmacy: The Spatula Club

A black and white photo of the original members of The Spatula Club
Members of the UMN pharmacy sorority Kappa Epsilon in 1940. Many of these women were leaders in the early years of the Minnesota Society of Healthsystem Pharmacists.

In 1915, female students at University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy organized a club to promote networking and sociability among women in classes. The club, originally referred to as the “Spatula Club,” later served as the foundation for the Kappa Epsilon chapter (Netz). Three pharmacy schools (Iowa, Minnesota and Nebraska) had an organizational meeting in Iowa which led to the formal Kappa Epsilon pharmacy fraternity in 1921 (Speedie).

In celebration of National Women's History Month, we recognize the 100 years that Kappa Epsilon has worked to support the personal and professional growth of pharmacy students, while also promoting women’s health issues.

The Kappa Epsilon alpha chapter at the University of Minnesota supports the Theresa Living Center, a transitional housing facility and program for women and infants moving from homelessness as well as a number of other outreach events.

Current members of Kappa Epsilon
Members of the UMN Kappa Epsilon chapter on September 4, 2019.

At a national level, the chapter works to spread awareness and education about breast and ovarian cancers via partnering with Bright Pink. Similar to the original “Spatula Club” the chapter continues to promote sociability through lunches, trivia, bowling, holiday gathering and many other networking events. The college is proud of Kappa Epsilon’s long-standing traditions and all that members do to support each other and our communities.


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