Women in pharmacy - the early years

In 1892, the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy admitted its first class of fourteen students. At that time, despite Dean Wulling’s concerns, admission requirements did not even include a high school degree.

Lucy Blanchard from St. Paul, Minnesota, was the second student admitted that year. Blanchard subsequently helped Dean Wulling by teaching in the laboratory in the early days but was not considered faculty (Speedie). Over the early years, the number of female students has continued to increase (Table 1). Today, we have 385 and 68 female students in our professional program and graduate programs, respectively. Moreover, there are 40 talented female faculty and 91 staff who support the College of Pharmacy’s educational, research and practice missions.

On this International Women’s Day, we celebrate the achievements of our female students, faculty, staff and alumni of the college.

Lucy Blanchard
Year Total Class Size New Women Students
1897 29 4
1899 30 7
1907 47 11
1915 56 8
1919 117 31


Speedie M, Ruhrold LN. A History of the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy 1892-2017. University of Minnesota 2021. IBSN 978-1-946135-67-4.