2023 Preceptors of the Year - Kyle Walburg

Congratulations to Kyle Walburg, PharmD, CDCES, a 2023 recipient of the Preceptor of the Year award!

Nominated by Lauren Ostlund, 2023 graduate

Her remarkable ability to see how every action she takes will impact a potential patient down the line is testament to her patient-centered approach. She works closely with patients to ensure they receive the best possible care, and her clinical decision-making skills are unparalleled. Whether she is working with a patient directly or collaborating with other healthcare professionals, Kyle always keeps the patient's best interests in mind.

Kyle also models the importance of work-life balance to learners. Throughout my experiences so far, I have not encountered a mentor who places such an emphasis on taking care of one's whole-self. Through her guidance and example, Kyle has inspired me to strive for balance in all areas of my life and become the best version of myself, both personally and professionally.

Kyle and Lauren pose together.

“Kyle's willingness to build a respectful friendship foundation has made a significant impact on my experience. She recognizes that true mentorship involves not only guiding a mentee through residency, but also building a relationship based on mutual respect, trust, and understanding. This approach has allowed me to feel more comfortable sharing my thoughts and concerns with her, and has facilitated a deeper level of communication and support. Kyle takes the time to sit with her learners in both good times and bad. She recognizes the strengths of her learners and works to help them achieve their full potential. Kyle has not only sat with me in the midst of what felt like unbearable stressors, but has also helped me see the strength in myself that I didn't see myself.”