New Leadership in Clinical Affairs

August 3, 2015

Mike Swanoski

MINNEAPOLIS/ST. PAUL — Associate Professors Michael Swanoski and Sarah Westberg have been named Co-Associate Deans of Clinical Affairs.

Sarah Westberg
Michael Swanoski

The role of the Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs continues to evolve and play an ever increasing, important and complex role within the college. During this critical time for the college and the profession, Swanoski and Westberg will lead the way in developing patient care practices, ensuring the quality of existing faculty practices, bridging clinical scholarship needs with faculty expertise, explore other revenue sources, and more.

"I am honored to serve in this leadership position in clinical affairs for the college, and I'm looking forward to working closely with our talented practice faculty," said Westberg. "We will continue to develop and expand our relationships with our collaborating clinical practice sites for the advancement of the pharmacy profession."

"The University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy is recognized as a national and world leader in the development of groundbreaking pharmacy practice due in large part to the efforts and expertise of our clinical practice faculty who, under the guidance of Dr. Tom Larson, have started and developed innovative sites," said Swanoski. "It will be an honor to help continue this tradition of excellence and inventiveness as a co-associate dean of clinical affairs."

In addition to their co-associate dean positions, Swanoski will continue in his role as Associate Department Head for Pharmacy Practice and Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Westberg will continue in her role as Director of the Ambulatory Care Residency program through its accreditation visit in spring 2016.



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