Undergraduate Electives

Go-Phar! Online Pharmacy Electives for Every Student

The College of Pharmacy is excited to offer a variety of online learning opportunities that can support the education and interests of every student. Our online courses are instructed by experienced pharmacists from a top-ranked college of pharmacy and are open to students in any field! These courses will prepare students for a career in health care, answer questions about the role of medications in the US health care system, and enable students to make more informed decisions about their own health care options. Many of our courses are offered every semester and serve as an excellent supplement to traditional electives. Regardless of your major, our online pharmacy courses are designed to fit almost any educational career path! 


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Designed to help you better understand the world of pharmacy and the critical role of pharmacists in health care, this online course will introduce you to the exciting profession and help you gain an understanding of the impact of the pharmacist in the patient care process.

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How does genetic indiviuality affect disease predisposition, diagnosis, and drug treatment? Learn about the basic concepts of individualized medicine and the impact of genetics on human health, therpeutics, and cutting-edge medical care. [3 credits]

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In this course, students will study controversial issues surrounding medications and the US healthcare system and practice creating evidence-based arguments to communicate ideas, engage others, articulate viewpoints, and develop a plan of action.