Community-University Health Care Center (CUHCC)

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Host Site: Community-University Health Care Center (CUHCC)
NMS Match Code:111223
Program Length: 1 year
No. of Positions: 2 per year
Site Coordinator: Kim Tran, PharmD
Preceptors: Christina Cipolle, PharmD, Jennifer Chen, PharmD

Site Profile

Community-University Health Care Center (CUHCC) is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) located in South Minneapolis. CUHCC opened its doors in 1966 to provide primary care services to children and low income families. Our mission is transforming care and education to advance health equity.


  • Welcoming all people, with an emphasis on providing care to underserved and vulnerable residents of South Minneapolis communities
  • Culturally competent care that builds upon patient and family strengths
  • Partnerships with patients, families, communities and the University of Minnesota
  • Participatory evaluation to improve programs
  • Educating prospective health providers in delivering care to the community

CUHCC has dedicated staff that provides culturally competent medical, dental, and mental health care services. Many staff are bilingual, speaking Hmong, Lao, Somali, Spanish or Vietnamese in addition to English. In 2009, CUHCC received the Lillian H. Williams Award from the University of Minnesota's Office of Equal Opportunity & Affirmative Action for our commitment to diversity. Evidence of this commitment is reflected in our culturally competent care, service to diverse populations, and diversity as a unit—approximately fifty percent of CUHCC's staff are people of color, immigrants, or refugees.

  •  Medical Clinic: Primary and preventative services include pediatric and adult care, physical examinations, well-child care, patient education, immunizations, ongoing care for chronic disease, family planning & prenatal care, and education.
  •  Dental Clinic: One of only three sliding scale fee dental clinics in South Minneapolis, CUHCC provides preventative care and a full range of restorative services to patients of all ages.
  •  Mental Health and Social Services Clinic: Staffed by psychiatrists, psychologists and master's level social workers and bilingual practitioners. The mental health clinic offers a full range of outpatient services for children and adults, including case management and Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services (ARMHS).
  • On-site Pro Bono Legal Clinic: Sponsored by the firm of Stinson Leonard Street; lawyers donate over 4,000 pro bono hours annually to help patients.
  • Advocacy: Free and confidential advocacy services are offered for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.
  • Reach Out and Read Program: Children are provided with high quality, developmentally appropriate books when they attend clinic appointments.

CUHCC’s 11,000 patients mirror the diversity of South Minneapolis. Stepping into the waiting room, one immediately notices how people from all walks of life identify CUHCC as their clinic.

  • 80% of patients served in 2015 were people of color, immigrants or refugees; 12% Asian/Pacific Islander; 18% European American; 16% are African American; 20% Somali; and 15% Mexican.
  • 36% of patients in 2012 were either non-English-speakers or speak English as a second language.
  • Nearly 20% of patients are uninsured and pay on a sliding fee scale, while 69% are covered by government health care programs that cover most but not all of the cost of services. Only 11% of patients have private insurance.

Pharmacy Services: The pharmacy department’s mission is to optimize medications for patients by providing comprehensive medication management services, improving medication access and education, and advancing medication use systems within the clinic. Clinical services provided include comprehensive medication management, anticoagulation monitoring, asthma management,diabetes education, tobacco cessation counseling, and medication access. Many of our patients have complex medical and mental health conditions requiring a true team effort to meet each patient’s medication-related needs. Our department is responsible for educating and training the pharmacy resident and learners from other disciplines ensuring interdisciplinary professional growth. Ongoing pharmacotherapy education is provided to clinic providers, residents, students, and staff. The pharmacy department also manages clinic pharmaceuticals and vaccines and works to advance our medication use systems through technology and process improvement strategies.

Educational Experience

Our resident is one of the most sought after members of our health care team, both for direct patient care and as a reliable resource adept in answering clinical and medication access questions. The resident works collaboratively with the health care team which may include medical, mental health, nursing, outside specialists, interpreters, case managers, home health nurses, family care givers and care coordinators. The resident provides comprehensive medication management services to 4-6 patients per half-day. Many of these visits require the use of an interpreter in the patient’s preferred language. The resident is responsible for all aspects of pharmaceutical care practice including assessment of the patient’s medication-related needs, identification of drug therapy problems, individualized care plan development with interventions and follow-up evaluation. The resident attends mental health adult team meetings and regularly provides pharmacotherapy education for medical residents, students, and staff.

The resident assists in management and quality improvement of our medication use system which includes in-clinic pharmaceuticals and vaccinations as well as contract pharmacies. The resident is responsible for managing our patient assistance program which supplies approximately 60 patients with necessary medications they would not be able to afford otherwise. The resident also has the opportunity to teach pharmacy students in the Pharmaceutical Care Learning Center each semester.

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Site Coordinator

tran photoKim Tran, PharmD earned her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy in 2014. Dr. Tran completed a Postgraduate (PGY1) Pharmacy Residency Program with the University of Minnesota at the Community-University Health Care Center (CUHCC) in 2015. Dr. Tran is currently a clinical pharmacist at CUHCC providing comprehensive medication management services to underserved patient populations. She is also a staff pharmacist at Costco pharmacy. Dr. Tran enjoys working with patients to help them better understand their medications and assists them to meet their health goals


Christina Cipolle, PharmD is the Director of Pharmacy and Interprofessional Education at the University of Minnesota—Community University Health Care Center (CUHCC). Dr. Cipolle graduated from the University of Minnesota—College of Pharmacy in 2007. Dr. Cipolle started Personal Medication Management, Inc in 2007 and contracted with a rural independent pharmacy in Minnesota to provide medication therapy management services. In her current position at CUHCC, Dr. Cipolle is responsible for all aspects of the pharmacy department including medication management services, medication use systems and access, software management and education and training. She has been the site coordinator and primary preceptor for the Ambulatory Care Residency Program at CUHCC for the last 6 years. Dr. Cipolle has a passion for working with underserved populations, understanding each patient’s unique medication experience, and finding creative ways to address our patients’ drug-related needs.

Jennifer Chen, PharmD, BCACP, is a 2006 graduate of the University of Minnesota and 2010 graduate of The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy. After graduation, she completed the University of Minnesota Ambulatory Care Residency Program at Essentia Health in Duluth, MN. Dr. Chen is currently a teaching specialist at the University of Minnesota—College of Pharmacy, where she teaches in the Pharmaceutical Care Learning Center and precepts student pharmacists. Dr. Chen is also a clinical pharmacist at Community-University Health Care Center, where she provides medication management services and co-precepts the pharmacy residents.