Alumni Profile: Jill Strykowski

Jill Strykowski: Advancing the Pharmacy Profession Locally and Across the Globe

Jill Strykowski

Since earning her master’s of science degree from the College of Pharmacy in 1999, Jill Strykowski has applied her work experience with her passion to help advance the college and the profession.

“At the time I entered the master’s program at the college, I was working in research,” said Strykowski. “I felt the program in Experimental Pharmacotherapy was a good fit and extension of my learning.”

As the Director of Pharmacy at Allina Health’s Mercy Hospital and Mercy Hospital – Unity Campus, Strykowski served as a leadership preceptor for the college. Her professional interests are diverse and include antithrombotic therapy, emerging models of care, payment modeling, finance, global health and specialty pharmacy. She is a member of the college’s Leadership Network Partners and has mentored many students over the years.

As president of the Minnesota Pharmacists Association (MPhA) from 2013 to 2014, Strykowski got to know Dean Emeritus Marilyn Speedie and other members of the faculty well.

“I really enjoy advocacy,” Strykowski said. “While serving on the board and as president of MPhA, I was in a unique position as a hospital pharmacy director.”

Her work helped bring together the legislative agendas for MPhA and the Minnesota Society of Hospital Pharmacists, which were acting separately in terms of legislative advocacy efforts.

“Today, the two organizations work closely together for the betterment of the profession,” said Strykowski.

While working with residents as a preceptor, Strykowski advises students to pay close attention to two things to monitor the future of the pharmacy.

“If you want to follow the practice, follow the money and follow the laws,” she said. “I am passionate that we are not yet practicing at the top of our scope.”

Her commitment to serving as a preceptor extends across the globe to a multidisciplinary experiential rotation for students to practice in underserved, rural areas in Tanzania.

“Tanzania is in its infancy in development of pharmacy services relative to the western world,” explained Strykowski.

Strykowki’s husband Paul, associate dean and a mechanical engineering professor in the University’s College of Science and Engineering, has also participated in the Tanzania rotation leading a course he designed.

“Being married to one of the associate deans from the College of Science and Engineering has enhanced my commitment to the college,” she added.

In 2015, Strykowski was asked by Speedie to serve as commencement speaker. In her address, she told graduates, “Your career experiences will shape your thinking and level of involvement. They will be both different and similar to your colleagues. I appeal to your hearts and minds to avoid myopic barriers and challenge you to practice ‘pharmacy without borders.’”

“Your career experiences will shape your thinking and level of involvement."

Strykowski looks forward to working on the college’s capital campaign and continuing her advocacy work through testifying at the legislature and supporting efforts to determine the future of pharmacy.

“We are on the brink of provider status at the federal level,” said Strykowski. “We have to keep pushing at the state level as it defines what our practice will be here in Minnesota.”