Supporting the Challenge

We invite you to learn more about the work of the #RxWriting Challenge:

Frustrated by Your Writing Productivity?”  (CPTL Pulses)

"What does it take to become a successful academic writer?” (CPTL Pulses)

Together, We Write”  (AACP's Academic Pharmacy Now)

The #RxWritingChallenge: A way to boost productivity and camaraderie and overcome writing barriers - A programme description and quality improvement survey

Writing Commentaries

Seventeen authors have been working on seven commentaries to support academic writing in pharmacy. The first commentary was the enjoyment commentary mentioned above. In addition, we have:

A Journey to Understand Enjoyment in Academic Writing

Kristin Janke, Bethany Von Hoff, Eliza Dy-Boarman

Lifelong learning inspires the creative art of academic writing   

Ashley Castleberry, Wendy Ward, Susan Stein

Behavioral Habits:

Papers don't write themselves:  Creating a system to support writing productivity

Kristin Janke, Cortney Mospan, Jeff Cain 

Artisanal Habits:

Blend your passion with your craft:  Artisanal habits in academic writing

Alicia Bouldin, Kris Harrell

Social Habits:

Time for an “upgrade:” How incorporating social habits can further boost your writing potential

Meghan M. Bodenberg, Kristen Nicols

Emotional Habits:

Academic writing as a journey through "chutes and ladders":  How well are you managing your emotions?

Kristin Janke, Kyle Wilby and Robin Zavod