Research Labs

Research Services

The College of Pharmacy offers the following services to improve the health of our communities by advancing research across the University of Minnesota, the state of Minnesota, nationally and internationally.

Clinical Pharmacology Analytical Services Laboratory

  • Drug concentration reporting
  • Traditional pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic analyses
  • Design of future clinical trials based on pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic data
  • Development and analysis of limited sampling designs for large clinical trials or trials in which extensive sampling is not possible
  • Population pharmacokinetic analysis of the data
  • Assistance in grant applications

Institute for Therapeutics Discovery and Development

  • Biological and Screening Services
  • Medicinal, Organic, and Process Chemistry
  • Analytical and Purification Chemistry
  • Regulatory Support (with IND/IDE Assistance Program and MCT)

Minnesota Practice Based Research Networks Website (PBRN)

The Minnesota PBRN is a collaborative among the Minnesota Pharmacists Association, University of Minnesota, and Pharmacist Practitioners, and has been designed to serve as a meeting point for sharing and generating new ideas that are relevant to the interface among the practice of pharmacy, health care, health systems, health technologies, communities, and society overall.