Implementation and Outcomes Study

Several PCHS staff (Drs. Sorensen, Sorge, Frail, Funk, Pestka) have been engaged in a multi-site study exploring implementation and outcomes of the comprehensive medication management (CMM) practice model. This study is led by faculty at the University of Minnesota, University of North Carolina and the American Academy of Family Physicians.  This work is supported by at $2.5 million grant from the American College of Clinical Pharmacy.

The study has relied on the principles of implementation science to identify the core elements of a comprehensive implementation system for CMM, designed to accelerate the rate of practice adoption and support fidelity of the practice across sites nationally.  The study includes an outcomes evaluation arm, evaluating the impact of CMM across all dimensions of the Quadruple Aim (quality, cost, patient experience and medical provider experience). Thirty-five primary care clinics across six different states have participated in this study.

Lessons learned from this study are being actively integrated into practitioner learning communities nationally.  Several papers have been published-to-date, describing the methods and outcomes of the study:

  • Pestka DL, Sorge LA, Mendkoff J, Frail CK, Funk KA, Carroll JK,, Sorensen TD, Roth McClurg MT.  Assessing the State of Comprehensive Medication Management in a Sample of Primary Care Clinics.  INNOVATIONS in pharmacy. 2019;10(1):Article 5.  DOI:10.24926/iip.v10i1.1611
  • Livet M, Blanchard C, Sorensen TD, Roth McClurg M.  An Implementation System for Medication Optimization: Operationalizing CMM Delivery in Primary Care. J Am Coll Clin Pharm. 2018;1:14–20. DOI: 10.1002/jac5.1037/
  • Livet M, Haines ST, Curran GM, Seaton TL, Ward CS, Sorensen TD, McClurg MR.  Implementation Science to Advance Care Delivery: A Primer for Pharmacists and Other Health Professionals.  Pharmacotherapy.  2018;38(5):490-502.
  • Pestka DL, Sorge LA, Roth McClurg M, Sorensen TD.  The Philosophy of Practice for Comprehensive Medication Management: Evaluating its Meaning and Application by Practitioners.  Pharmacotherapy. 2018;38(1):69-79. doi:10.1002/phar.2062
  • BlanchardC; Livet M, Ward C, Sorge L, Sorensen TD, Roth McClurg M.  The Active Implementation Frameworks: A Roadmap for Advancing Implementation of Comprehensive Medication Management in Primary Care.  Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy. 2017;13(5): 922–929.  DOI: