Students Provide Care to Rural Honduras

A group of 25 from the University of Minnesota, including nine pharmacy students, participated in a medical/dental mission in Honduras through the non-profit organization Global Brigades Jan. 4-11.

The group provided medical, gynecology, dental and optometry care to 890 patients in the rural towns El Pajarillos and El Pedregal. The group consisted of pharmacy and undergraduate students, two physicians, one pharmacist and one nurse.

They were joined by Honduran health professionals, including two dentists, two doctors, one optometrist and one pharmacist. During clinic, the students worked or shadowed at all of the stations, including triage, physician exam, children’s education, gynecology, dental, pharmacy and data entry. They were also joined by Honduran healthcare educators who are trained to translate and review public health issues like STIs and hygiene, and to explain medications. Prior to the trip, the group raised more than $4,000 to purchase the medications and hygiene supplies they distributed at the clinics.

Pharmacy students who participated include Lauren Dubosh, Eli Eggen, Brittany Hawke, Shalyn Koester, Lindsay Kubina, Brett Moldenhauer, Cassandra Skoog, Erik Stoa and Erin Weslander.