Record Year for PharmD Graduates Pursuing Residencies

Graph depicting percentage of students matching to residency program based on the number students participated in the match program

UMN College of Pharmacy 2022 graduates were highly successful in pursuing post-graduate residency positions. The college ranked third in terms of the total number of students matching to residency programs. This year, 68% of the 2022 graduating classes pursued residency positions (similar to recent years). Eighty-six percent of those participating in the ASHP match were matched to a residency position and two additional students pursuing residencies outside of the ASHP match program were also matched.  The ASHP residency match rate for the 2022 graduates from the college continues to exceed that of the national average (i.e., 86% vs 77%).

As shown in the figure above, this was a substantial increase as compared to previous years. 

We value the diversity of careers all of our graduates pursue and will continue to share more of this data in future issues. Congratulations to those who are pursuing residencies. Don’t forget to stay in touch!