Student Advisees Published in ChemMedChem Journal

Feb. 21, 2018

Four former undergraduate students who participated in research supported by Summer Chemistry Fellowships and the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) have now been published in the latest issue of the journal ChemMedChem. Jordan Baur (BS ’17), Tenley Brown (BS ’15), Jacob Edwards (BS ’14), and Hannah Skopec (BS ’14) were all advised by Dr. Daniel Harki in the program, which allowed students the opportunity to conduct research under the direction of a faculty members as well as participate in a symposium about their work. The results of that work have been published in an article titled "Helenalin Analogues Targeting NF-kB p65: Thiol Reactivity and Cellular Potency Studies of Varied Electrophiles,"  which examines the development of simplified natural product analogues that can regulate the NF-kB signaling pathway - a mediator of the cellular inflammatory response that is implicated in a variety of diseases. You can read more here