Prosperity Eneh: Driven to Solve Global Health Challenges

Eneh is the College's First Global Pharmacy Engagement, Education and Research Fellow
May. 23, 2018

I am Prosperity Eneh. I am part of a small group participating in the Uganda Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience.

To start off, I have to say that it is pretty awesome to feel a special connection to a group of people. I have always had this sort of unexplained love for East Africa and that is why I feel so privileged to have to opportunity to visit Uganda.

My first travel to the eastern part of Africa was in January 2017 to visit Tanzania as a 4th year pharmacy student. This experience revitalized my passion to be in the global health sector even as a pharmacist.

I am originally from Nigeria and hence, I am familiar with the differences that exist in healthcare in developing versus developed countries. However, I realized while in Tanzania that I do see it in a unique lens when I am able to visit as a healthcare practitioner compared to while I was growing up in Nigeria.

This is what pushes me to continue to explore opportunities that expose me to various global health challenges and to continue to understand ways that pharmacy practitioners can uniquely be a part of the solution.

I am participating in this current global health excursion to Uganda as a Global Pharmacy Engagement, Education and Research fellow. I graduated with my PharmD in 2017 and continued on with the College of Pharmacy to pioneer this fellowship. The goal of this fellowship spans across three arms:

  1. Strengthening global engagement opportunities available to pharmacy students
  2. Understanding the educational needs for global health in the pharmacy curriculum
  3. Engaging in global infectious disease research

This visit to Uganda aligns well with the goals of the fellowship. I have been involved with organizing the details of this excursion and refining this APPE course offering.

I have also been engaged in the clinical research work ongoing with the infectious disease team in the Uganda Hub, so I will be spending a large amount of time while in Uganda focusing on some of these research projects. I will spend sometime in a later blog covering the research projects I will be participating in the most while in Uganda.

I am most looking forward to the growth that will come with this trip, especially as a global health practitioner. I am also excited for the huge learning curve and working hard to internalize all the knowledge that I will gain from the team of practitioners.

I am nervous about missing loved ones while I am gone but I also know I will meet so many amazing people in Uganda and this makes me less nervous about my time away.

My hobbies include watching various TV shows, running and traveling to new places for hikes or doing other touristy things. I hope to find time while in Uganda to train for my first 10 mile run! Outside of the college I work as a casual pharmacist with Walmart Health and Wellness and I enjoy being plugged into community pharmacy practice in this capacity.

Overall, I am excited for the next few weeks here in Kampala, and I also hope to have some time to visit friends in Rwanda.


(Originally published on the UMN Pharmacy in Uganda blog)