Pharmacists Making A Difference: Kylee Funk, PharmD

A series highlighting College of Pharmacy faculty's impact on patient care
Oct. 10, 2017

Bob, an older man with diabetes, was referred by his primary care physician after developing gangrene in one of his feet.

Bob's blood sugar levels were dangerously high when he was referred to me. During my comprehensive review, I learned that Bob was rationing his insulin because all of his medications were expensive. I found that both his medication for secondary stroke prevention and medication for depression had alternatives that were much more affordable and would likely have the same effect or perhaps better for these conditions.

I worked with both Bob and his prescriber to make these medication adjustments. Bob could not have been happier. He was able to take a medication for stroke prevention that aligned with his budget, and switch to a medication for his depression that ultimately worked better for him.

As a result of both of these changes, he was able to take his insulin as prescribed therefore reducing his risk of more complications from uncontrolled diabetes.