Pharmacists Making A Difference: Ann Philbrick, PharmD

A series highlighting College of Pharmacy faculty's impact on patient care
Oct. 23, 2017

I recently helped a patient who has emphysema, with a poor prognosis. He needed inhalers to help him breathe daily.

The trouble is, despite many visits with the pharmacy team, he could not figure out how to use these inhalers. The next step was to put him on nebulized medications, or medications put into a machine so that they can be inhaled. However, he had recently changed insurance and was having difficulty navigating how to obtain the machine and medications.

I worked with his insurance company and with a few area pharmacies. It turned out that he could only get these through a specialty pharmacy. I obtained paperwork from this pharmacy and helped the provider fill out the paperwork.

The patient was finally able to take his medications and at his last visit reported being able to breathe much better.