Glaucoma Drug Clinical Trials Offer Promising Results

Jun. 3, 2022

The results of Phase 2 clinical trials for glaucoma drug QLS-101 have demonstrated a favorable safety and tolerability profile, according to a news release by Qlaris Bio, which licensed the drug in 2019. A positive efficacy signal was also reported.

The promising drug, which began clinical trials last year, is the product of a research collaboration between Peter Dosa, PhD, associate program director of the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy’s Institute for Therapeutics Discovery & Development (ITDD) and research associate professor in the Department of Medicinal Chemistry; and professor Michael Fautsch of the Mayo Clinic.

These promising clinical trial findings continue to offer hope for those diagnosed with glaucoma, the second leading cause of blindness worldwide.

"I'm very excited that Qlaris thinks the clinical trial results are promising enough to keep investigating QLS-101," said Dosa. "The ITDD was founded to discover new therapeutics that help improve the lives of patients. This result is a key step towards accomplishing that goal.”


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