Fireside Chats

Oct. 23, 2018

Since early September, Deann Tims and Sarah Patton, PD 4 students on rotation with Dr. Fierke at the Duluth campus, have been hosting Fireside Chats for younger students. Tims and Patton wanted to be able to connect with students on a personal level.

“What really sparked our interest in hosting these Fireside Chats was how successful our involvement was with the career roundtables in the Career and Professional Foundations course for PD2 students,” Tims and Patton said. “We were asked to sit at one of the tables to answer questions about the curriculum, internships, IPPEs, and APPEs. The students seemed quite interested in hearing what we had to say, so we knew that we had to follow through with the Fireside Chats idea.”

They hosted these fireside chats at the Duluth campus, in a breakout room in the student commons, during the lunch hour on Thursdays in September. Tims and Patton have tried to do multiple things by hosting these fireside chats.

“Through Fireside Chats, we have tried to be a resource for students for whatever they may need - whether it is answering specific questions they have or simply listening to what is going on in their lives,” Tims and Patton said.

timsTims and Patton both said that they would have loved to have the opportunity to talk to older students when they were younger. They mentioned that it would have been helpful to hear the perspectives from students who had already gone through what they were about to go through.  

Patton has enjoyed hosting these chats and has used them to help develop her leadership skills.

“Fireside Chats is fitting for our Leadership APPE, because leadership is all about investing in the development of others,” Patton said. “There are so many awesome students at the College of Pharmacy -- it’s truly a blast just to get to know them better, to learn from their experiences, and to encourage them to keep on going.”

Tims has enjoyed her time hosting these chats as well.

“I’m passionate about mentorship and connecting with other people, so this outlet has been a complete joy for me,” Tims said. “During my time at the College of Pharmacy, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to watch so many students realize their own potential to be great leaders and it’s been fun to see this growth continue while we’ve been on campus these past few weeks.”

Sarah PattonWith their current rotation coming to an end, they won’t be able to host anymore of their Fireside Chats, but they don’t think the concept behind Fireside Chats will end.

“When we move on to our next rotation sites, we don’t think the concept behind Fireside Chats will end,” Tims and Patton said. “College Board and Phi Lambda Sigma have recently teamed up to start a new mentorship initiative where older students are paired with younger students to help bridge the gap between classes at the CoP, and that’s essentially what our underlying goal was with Fireside Chats.”

Story written by: Owen Mageau