Drs. Gunda Georg and Shameem Syeda Featured for Birth Control Research into Ouabain

Feb. 22, 2018

Drs. Gunda Georg and Shameem Syeda have been featured in multiple media outlets for their work into the development of a male birth control pill. The articles highlight the recent exploration into the efficacy of ouabain, a plant extract that has long been used by African hunters to create poison-tipped arrows. A form of ouabain is also produced in small amounts in the human body and studies have shown that men with higher levels of ouabain have lower fertility, making it a promising candidate as a male contraceptive agent. You can read more about ouabain and the Georg lab's research in the following articles:

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MNDaily, "Heart-stopping Poison Could Be a Promising Male Birth Control, UMN Study Shows."

Newsweek, "Male Birth Control Pill Could Be Made from the Heart-Stoppping Poison in Ancient African Arrows."

Gizmodo, "A Toxic Plant Might Help Us Find a Legit Male Birth Control Drug."

Smithsonian Magazine, "Heart-stopping Arrow Poison Could Be the Key to Male Birth Control."

International Business Times, "Sperm-Slowing Male Birth Control Created From Poison."

in-PharmaTechnologist, "Researchers Target African Arrow Poison for Male Birth Control."

Luxora Leader, "Medical Information Immediately: Poisonous Substance Might Yield Male Contraception Capsule."

Brinkwire, "Potential Male Birth Control Pill Could Be Developed from Arrow Poison."

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