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After decades of research, development of a male birth control may now be one step closer. My colleagues and I are working on a promising lead for a male birth control pill based on ouabain – a plant extract that African warriors and hunters traditionally used as a heart-stopping poison on their arrows. 

ouabain chemical structure

Scientists report a rat study in ACS’ Journal of Medicinal Chemistry that shows they finally have a good lead for a male birth control pill.

Don Uden

The Lawrence C. and Delores M. Weaver Medal is given annually to someone who supports the college and its students through service to education, the profession, research and the community.

Todd Sorensen

AACP is the national organization representing pharmacy education in the United States.

Celebrating 125 Years of ExcellenceFounded in 1892, the College of Pharmacy has a rich history of innovative education, pioneering research, and interdisciplinary practice development to meet the diverse needs of the people of Minnesota and the world.

World Aids Day

Assistant Professor Melanie Nicol studies how the drugs used to treat HIV work in tissues like the gut, genitals and the brain.

“We have a pretty good idea how the virus in the blood responds to drugs, but what is happening in the tissues is not as clear,” she said. “This lack of understanding may be part of the reason we have not yet been able to cure HIV.”

opioid illustration

Several of our faculty are tackling the opioid addiction alongside and in partnership with the surrounding communities.

Timothy Stratton news square photo

CoP survey found many MN jails don’t have the infrastructure or planning in place to support inmates with mental illnesses, particularly upon release.

Swayam Prabha ovarian cancer research story

Assistant Professor Swayam Prabha is researching a therapy that could have significantly reduced side effects and toxicity for both primary and recurrent ovarian cancer.

Ann Philbrick

I recently helped a patient who has emphysema, with a poor prognosis. He needed inhalers to help him breathe daily.

The trouble is, despite many visits with the pharmacy team, he could not figure out how to use these inhalers. The next step was to put him on nebulized medications, or medications put into a machine so that they can be inhaled. However, he had recently changed insurance and was having difficulty navigating how to obtain the machine and medications.



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