Upcoming Seminars and Awards

Fall 2022

Tuesdays, 3:35 pm: 1-450 MoosT & Virtual

To Join via Zoom: z.umn.edu/MedChem22-23

October 18

Efazual Haque, Graduate Student, Georg Lab

Discovery of a Reversible, Potent & Wild-Type-Sparing EGFR Mutant Inhibitor for Treatment-Resistant Non-Small-Cell-Lung Cancer

October 25

Kelsey Holdaway, Graduate Student, Georg Lab

Discovery of a Potent, Selective & Orally Bioavailable ADAMTS-5 Inhibitor for the Treatment of Osteoarthritis

November 1

Alexis Stoorza, Graduate Student, Duerfeldt Lab

Discovery of LPA1 Antagonists for the Treatment of Pulmonary Fibrotic Diseases

November 8

Nir London, Assistant Professor, Weizmann Institute of Science

Faculty Host: Dr. Ambrose

Covalent Ligands - From Discovery to Function

November 15

Rebbeca Cuellar, Jodi Ogilvie, & Nancy Rolstad, College of Pharmacy

Departmental Safety Training *VIRTUAL*

November 22


November 29


December 6

Andrew Hunt, Graduate Student, Duerfeldt Lab

Development of a NMDAR PAM for the Treatment of Huntington’s Disease

December 13