Combined M.S. and Residency program

The mission of the combined M.S. and Residency program is to develop competence, skills and application of drug therapy knowledge and management skills in providing a broad scope of pharmaceutical services in a practice setting with an emphasis on practice management and patient care.

Pharmacy residents working on computerssProgram Description

This is a two-year program with an associated Master of Science degree in Social and Administrative Pharmacy. Successful candidates will complete all requirements of a Pharmacy Practice Residency, a specialized management residency, and 30 credit hours to obtain a Pharmacy Systems Management Residency Certificate and a Master of Science degree. Program participants will complete required rotations as well as didactic coursework. The program will combine clinically focused rotations and management-focused rotations with an emphasis on management. A graduate of this program will be positioned to assume virtually any type of pharmacy management position.

Each resident's experience will be tailored to individual interests and to developing management and leadership skills. Elective rotations allow the resident to experience multiple clinical settings as well as all facets of pharmacy management.

Residency Information

IMPORTANT: Contact the Residency Programs for their respective application deadlines.

Fairview Residency Program:
John Pastor, III, PharmD
Director of Pharmacy
University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview
Phone: 612-273-6832

Pamela Phelps, PharmD
Director of Clinical
Pharmacy Services
Fairview Health Services
711 Kasota Avenue
MinneapoIis, MN 55414
Phone: 612-672-5149

Hennepin County Medical Center Program:
Christene Jolowsky, RPh, MS, FASHP
Senior Director of Pharmacy
PGY-1/ PGY-2 Health System Administration & Leadership Program

SAPh Graduate Program Information

  • A graduate faculty member in the Social and Administrative Pharmacy Graduate Program, University of Minnesota will mentor the student in Master of Science training. This mentoring will encompass requirements for degree completion including selection of courses, minor or supporting field, MS paper topics and final examination committee members. Click here for more specific information.
  • Applicants must satisfy the general requirements of the Graduate School before admission to the program. Application to the Graduate School can be completed online at:
  • An application specific to the Social and Administrative Pharmacy Graduate Program also must be submitted. 

Joel Farley, PhD, Professor
Director of Graduate Studies
Social & Administrative Pharmacy
7-159D Weaver-Densford Hall
University of Minnesota
College of Pharmacy
308 Harvard Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455 USA

Telephone: 612-624-9624

Combined M.S. and Residency Program Graduates

Lindsey R. Kelley; 1st graduate, July 

Sue Haight; 2nd graduate, July

Veena Rajanna; 3rd graduate, July

Rachel Root; 4th graduate, June

Bryan McCarthy, HCMC; 5th graduate, June

Zachary Pollack, Fairview; 6th graduate, June

Gina Rozinka, HCMC; 7th graduate, June

Margo Bowman, Fairview, 8th graduate, December

Bernadette Aragon, HCMC; 9th graduate, May

Brandon Ferlas, Fairview; 10th graduate, May

Megan (Born) Sanders, Fairview: 11th graduate, May

Kristin Showen, HCMC 12th graduate, June

Mallory (Breuker) Snyder, UMMC: 13th graduate, June

Brett Benfield, Fairview: 14th graduate, July

Jesse Peterson, Fairview,15th Graduate, May

Jacob Hansen, Fairview 16th Graduate, May

Melissa Sanders, Fairview, 17th Graduate, May

Emma Huepfel, Fairview, 18th graduate, May

Bryan Haugen, Fairview, 19th graduate, June

David Vermeulen, UMMC, 20th Graduate, June

Joseph Steinle, Fairview, 21st Graduate, June

Jordan Mendkoff, Fairview, 22nd Graduate June

Alice Callahan, HCMC, 23rd Graduate May
Jenna Boudreau, Fairview 24th Graduate June