Scholarship in Education

PCHS Faculty and Trainees advance pharmacy education by innovating in their own classrooms and practice sites, disseminating findings of their innovations in scholarly forums and publications, and leading national dialogue and debate on educational policy and practice.

Leading Educational Scholarship

Partnering with the Wulling Center

Department members are actively engaged with the efforts of the Wulling Center to develop focused and deliberate educational innovations and rigorous educational scholarship.  They are active in the College’s Team-Based Learning Users Group, which is advancing the use of Team Based Learning through innovation and inquiry.   Department members are also active within the College’s Pharmacist’s Patient Care Process Catalyst Team, which is developing and disseminating methods to better teach the Pharmacist’s Patient Care Process.

Engaging in Faculty Development

Department members are invited to participate in a weekly education-related journal club to keep up-to-date on evidence-based teaching strategies and educational research methods.  Department members also able to participate in the #RxWritingChallenge, which encourages focused attention on academic writing skills and dissemination of scholarship.

Preparing Trainees for Educational Scholarship

SAPh Graduate Students and Ambulatory Care Residents that are interested in educational scholarship are matched with mentors within the department.  As trainees begin to specialize in particular content areas or develop interests in specific teaching techniques, they are matched with ongoing projects for hands-on experiences in conducting educational research.  All interested trainees are encouraged to participate in our weekly education-related journal club and the #RxWritingChallenge.  Advanced trainees interested in educational scholarship are encouraged to develop proposals for research and are mentored in carrying the research through data collection and analysis to dissemination.  Our members’ roles on various editorial boards also provides a means for experience in publication.

Maximizing Dissemination of Scholarship

Department members are actively engaged in conference presentations and publications to aid in dissemination of education-related innovations.  Innovations in Pharmacy has served as a sandbox for expanding publication options in pharmacy education.  The department also seeks strategic partnerships in developing educational innovations and advancing education-related inquiry.