Research and Scholarship

The Department of Pharmaceutical Care and Health Systems (PCHS) advances the practice of pharmaceutical care and its role in the health care system for the benefit of patients and society through education, research and service. Faculty and trainees within our department study the pharmacy profession, patient care behaviors, government policies, and the economic, clinical, and humanistic aspects of medications.

PCHS is dedicated to deliver pharmaceutical care in innovative and impactful ways. Practice faculty within PCHS lead innovations for delivery of high quality patient centered care and conduct scholarship that impacts the practice of pharmacy and team-based patient care delivery.

The widespread use and dependency on drugs and drug products in today's society, coupled with an increased utilization and application of pharmaceutical services, has created a need for individuals who can study the social, psychosocial, political, legal, historic and economic factors that impinge upon the use, non-use and abuse of drugs.A number of critical factors shaping the health policies in the United States and around the world emphasize the need for increased research concerning the role of pharmaceuticals and the pharmacy practitioner in new and old systems of health care.

PCHS faculty and trainees advance pharmacy education by fostering collaborative relationships, are dedicated to focused and deliberate educational innovations, and engage in rigorous educational scholarship.