Pharmacy Practice

Pharmacy Practice

PCHS is dedicated to the advancement of pharmaceutical care. Pharmaceutical care was originally conceptualized by faculty within our department and continues to be an integral focus to our departmental identity. Our faculty engage in a diverse array of pharmacy practice models and services in partnership with healthcare systems, health disciplines, and the community at large to provide high-quality patient-centered care. Our faculty meet this need through patient care, practice-based research, practice innovation, and education.  

Bethesda Clinic

ann philbrickAnn Philbrick

SITE: Bethesda Family Medicine Clinic is located just outside downtown St. Paul, Minnesota. It is affiliated with University of Minnesota Physicians and serves as a teaching site for the University of Minnesota St. Joseph's Family Medicine Residency Program. As St. Paul is a designated resettlement city, the clinic serves a large refugee population, mainly from Southeast Asia.

Bethesda Clinic has been a Health Care Home since 2011, and works in an interprofessional capacity, with physicians, pharmacists, psychologists and a psychologist all working together to provide ultimate patient care.

PRACTICE TIME LINE: I have been practicing at Bethesda Family Medicine since 2008, but the site has had a clinical pharmacist since 1998.

PHARMACY ROLE: The clinical pharmacists serve a variety of roles at Bethesda Clinic including: Comprehensive Medication Reviews (CMR), medication reconciliation, anticoagulation management, patient education (diabetes, asthma/COPD, anticoagulation, smoking cessation, etc), and consultations from other healthcare providers. The clinical pharmacists have a collaborative practice agreement for smoking cessation and anticoagulation.

STUDENT ROTATIONS AVAILABLE: 5 week Ambulatory Care APPE rotation

FUN FACT: Bethesda Family Medicine Clinic is just 2 blocks away from the recently installed Green Line Light Rail

Bethesda Clinic

Broadway Family Medicine Clinic

jody loundsberyJody Lounsbery

SITE: University of Minnesota Physicians Broadway Family Medicine Clinic is committed to setting the standard for excellence in health care delivery for you and your family. We see newborns, children, teenagers, adults, seniors, and people living in nursing homes. Our clinic offers services in family medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, social services, patient education, and referrals to specialty care. We are a Certified Health Care Home and offer enhanced care coordination services.

Broadway is also a University of Minnesota family medicine teaching clinic. The clinic is staffed by a team of University of Minnesota physicians, pharmacists, psychologists, social workers, care coordinators and nurse practitioners (all with their respective residents, interns, and students).

Broadway is proud of offering care to the surrounding community of North Minneapolis. The patient population is rich with diversity and welcoming to all patients, regardless of race, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

PRACTICE TIMELINE: Clinical pharmacy practice since 2004, Pharmacy residency available since 2006.

jean moonJean Moon

PHARMACY ROLE: Clinical pharmacy services at Broadway works to improve the care of chronic disease within its patient population by offering in-clinic comprehensive medication management service to our patients, training students and resident providers to promote the safe and effective use of medications, and help patients achieve their medication therapy goals through interprofessional team care.

Daily tasks within clinic include individual patient visits, co-visits with patients and another provider, drug information consultations, and participation interprofessional care team meetings. The pharmacy team also works to provide updated pharmacotherapy information and education for providers and staff.

STUDENT ROTATIONS AVAILABLE: APPE 5 week ambulatory care rotations

FUN FACT: Broadway is the largest University of Minnesota Family Medicine Residency Program training 30 medical residents.

Broadway Family Medicine Clinic

Health Partners

caity frailCaity Frail

HealthPartners is the largest consumer-governed, nonprofit healthcare organization in the nation. HealthPartners is an integrated health system with seven hospitals and 27 primary care clinics throughout the Twin Cities, with 17 embedded outpatient pharmacies across the system.

PHARMACY ROLE: Medication therapy management services have been well-established at HealthPartners to provide team-based management to complex patients across the system in the clinic setting. In addition to existing medication therapy management services, HealthPartners has expanded the clinical activities provided by pharmacists working in their outpatient pharmacies. Currently, pharmacists are working to address gaps in care, reinforce clinical goals, and assist patients specifically in managing their diabetes. Pharmacists in the outpatient pharmacies have full access to and are charting in their interventions in the electronic medical record at the point of care. My role is to help grow and expand these roles and opportunities for pharmacists in this setting, and align these services with primary care.

STUDENT ROTATIONS AVAILABLE: APPE 5 week community and ambulatory care rotations

Health Partners

Park Nicollet Methodist Hospital

anne schullo feulnerAnne Schullo-Feulner

Park Nicollet Health Services is an integrated care system serving ~400,000 patients through a 426 bed, community hospital (Methodist Hospital) and 81 clinics. Since being named a Pioneer Accountable Care Organization with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, We have been involved in two high-level system wide committees (i.e. Population Health Council and Transitions Guidance Group) that have allowed me to influence resource utilization and the focus of quality improvement efforts system-wide.

PHARMACY TIME LINE: We have been at Park Nicollet Methodist Hospital since 2007. We are committed to leading practice innovation to improve medication safety, achieve quality markers, and promote health. We have consistently been involved in high-level system groups, enabling me to establish two new MTM practices, two inpatient clinician services and one transitions in care service.

Our pharmacists are part of an integrated network of health professionals and have widespread access to resources that can help us understand your needs. If you are a Park Nicollet Clinic patient, your medication records are kept up-to-date in your online integrated medical record that all Park Nicollet doctors and pharmacists can access - whether you are seen in primary care, in a specialty area, in urgent care or in the emergency center.

PHARMACY ROLE: We are currently involved in pharmacist-driven transitions in care work that allows inpatient pharmacists to develop discharge medication lists with and for patients, and then connect those patients to outpatient MTM pharmacists for follow-up. To create this consult and handoff, standard work for physicians, nurses, hospital unit coordinators and pharmacists underwent change and revision. For the pilot a total of 121 patients were seen by the inpatient pharmacists and 69 patients had a follow up visit with an outpatient pharmacist. Inpatient pharmacists found a total of 552 drug therapy problems requiring intervention; of these 24% were referred to the MTM pharmacists for resolution post-discharge.

STUDENT ROTATIONS AVAILABLE: Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience and Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences in Acute Care and Parenteral Nutrition.

FUN FACT: As a pharmacy department we like to socialize at places like Psycho Suzi's Motor Lounge and our Pharmacy Director's house (where we try to pet chickens).

Park Nicollet Methodist Hospital

Smiley’s Family Medicine Clinic

chrystian pereiraChrystian Pereira

SITE: Smiley’s Family Medicine Clinic is a Family Medicine teaching clinic located in south Minneapolis. Smiley’s Clinic is a certified health care home and offers enhanced care coordination services to all of its patients. The clinic is staffed by a team of University of Minnesota faculty physicians, medical residents, psychologists and nurse practitioners. The team at Smiley’s Family Medicine Clinic provides a full range of services for the entire family. The specialty of family medicine treats people of all ages, from newborns to seniors. Family medicine also includes care of patients through pregnancy and childbirth and the treatment of women’s health issues.

Smiley’s has a proud history of providing care to the South Minneapolis. The patient population is rich with diversity and welcoming to all patients, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identiy or sexual orientation.

PRACTICE TIMELINE: Clinical pharmacy practice since 2004, Pharmacy residency available since 2006

PHARMACY ROLE: Clinical pharmacy services at Smiley’s Clinic works to improve the care of chronic disease within its patient population. We offer in-clinic comprehensive medication management service to our patients. The pharmacy team works to optimize drug therapy care to patients by working as a member of the interprofessional team. Daily tasks within clinic include individual patient visits, co-visits with patients and another provider, drug information consultations, and participation interprofessional care team meetings.

The pharmacy team also works to educate Family Medicine residents along with others in the Smiley’s faculty and clinical staff on pharmacotherapy topics.

STUDENT ROTATIONS AVAILABLE: APPE 5 week ambulatory care rotations

FUN FACT: The original Smiley’s Clinic was above a Candy shop and was named Smiley’s Point Clinic to match the business below.

The University of Minnesota Medical Center (UMMC)

Diana LangwworthyDiana R. Langworthy

SITE: The University of Minnesota Medical Center (UMMC) is an 839-bed medical and surgical academic health center and is affiliated with the Fairview Healthcare System.  UMMC is located in downtown Minneapolis in the heart of the University of Minnesota campus

PRACTICE TIMELINE:  Clinical pharmacists have been a part of inpatient care for many years at UMMC. In 2016, I began practice with the Adult Internal Medicine/Surgery team as a partnership with the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy

PHARMACY ROLE: Inpatient pharmacists at UMMC are involved in interdisciplinary patient care and conduct a variety of services including anticoagulation management, pharmacokinetic consultations, and renal dosage adjustments among many others. 

STUDENT ROTATIONS AVAILABLE:  Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences in numerous acute care specialties (i.e. Internal Medicine, Pain, Oncology, Infectious Disease, etc…).

The University of Minnesota Medical Center

The University of Minnesota Nurse Practitioner's Clinic

Kylee FunkKylee Funk

SITE: The University of Minnesota Nurse Practitioners Clinic is a nurse managed health care clinic supported by the University of Minnesota School of Nursing.  Through this clinic, nurse practitioners provide primary care services.  Patients are provided comprehensive primary care at our site.

PRACTICE TIMELINE: The clinic opened in April 2015 and pharmacist services were incorporated in July 2015.

PHARMACY ROLE: Pharmacists provide comprehensive medication management.  Pharmacists see patients independently and also through co-visits with nurse practitioners.


Nurse Practitioners Clinic


Women's Health Specialists Clinic

sarah westbergSarah Westberg

SITE: 2012, we opened our newly named and newly renovated clinic, Women's Health Specialists Clinic at University of Minnesota Medical Center. Our clinic is designed to provide comprehensive care to women of all ages, offering you an “all-in-one” resource for patients' healthcare needs.

We've assembled a first-class team of providers to implement a new model of collaborative and integrative medicine for women. A multidisciplinary team of providers from University of Minnesota Physicians has joined together to offer services in a unique woman-centered environment conveniently located on University of Minnesota Medical Center campus – West Bank. Our physicians, advance practice nurses,and pharmacist, who also serve as faculty at the University of Minnesota, are specialists in women’s health, focusing on the whole person and making use of all appropriate therapeutic approaches and disciplines so you can reach your goal of achieving optimal health and well being

PHARMACY ROLE:  Dr. Westberg is in clinic 2 days per week to provide services, and she works under a collaborative practice agreement with primary care and ob/gyn providers which grants prescriptive authority for most medications for chronic conditions. Pharmacy has a strong presence in the interprofessional care team, collaborating with physicians (including attendings and residents), nurse practitioners, nurses and other clinic staff to optimize patient's medication use. Dr. Westberg's role in the clinic is primarily to provide medication therapy management services to clinic patients, and also to assist in general medication related policies/procedures for the clinic.

PRACTICE TIME LINE: The MTM practice with this group was first started in 2009


FUN FACT: We are an integrative care practice site. This means we incorporate a holistic approach to care, including the best evidence-based practices of conventional medicine and complementary and alternative medicine.

Women's Health Specialists Clinic