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Vadim Gurvich received funding for his project, "Support for NCATS Drug Substance Development and Manufacture."

Gunda Georg and ITDD are featured in the Inquiry story, "Bringi

Dr. Daniel Harki was recently featured in a Twin Cities Business news article for his research on anticancer drug effectiveness advances.

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Dr. Daniel Harki is a co-founder of a start up company (ApoGen Biotechnologies) which was recently featured in a Minnesota Daily article. Read more below:

Dr. Peter Dosa has received a $190,625 NIH award for his project, "A pharmacological screen for inactivating antagonists."

Dr. Kathryn Nelson was recently quoted in a Huffington Post News article titled "Turmeric May Not Be a Wonder Spice After All."

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The University of Minnesota will join a team of academic institutions, private companies, governmental entities and non-profit organizations across the U.S.