Seminar Schedule

Fall Semester 2022 Weekly Seminars

ECP 8100/PHAR 6160
Wednesday, 12:20 - 1:10 p.m.
1-451 Moos Tower




September 7

Course Introduction and Orientation


Debra Skaar, PharmD, FCCM, Professor ECP;

Robert Straka, BSc, PharmD, FCCP, Professor and ECP Department Head

September 14



September 21

 ECP Lab Safety Training Seminar

Rebecca Cuellar, PhD, College Safety Officer

Jodi Oglvie, PhD & Nancy Rolsted, MS, RBP, DEHS Co-Presenters

September 28

 Accelerating Drug Development in Oncology: How Can Clinical Pharmacology Help?

Ahmed Hamed Salem, PhD, FCP, Director, Clinical Pharmacology & Pharmacometrics, AbbVie, Inc., Adjunct Professor ECP

October 5

Reduced Enterohepatic Recirculation of Mycophenolate and Lower Blood Concentrations Are Associated with the Stool Bacterial Microbiome after Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation


Abdelrahman Saqr, ECP PhD student

October 12

Revisiting Antiseizure Medications as Controlled Substances in the United States and their Impact on Clinical Practice


Jason Sriwijaya, MD, ECP PhD student

October 19

Pediatric Obesity: Definitions, Management, and Pharmacotherapy Considerations

Eric Bomberg, MD, MS, Associate Director for Research Informatics, Center for Pediatric Obesity Management

October 26

Role of KATP channel signaling during opioid and cannabinoid analgesia and drug seeking behaviors

Amanda Klein, MS, PhD, Assistant Professor, PPPS

November 2


Class Discussion

November 9

Statewide implementation of pharmacogenomics: community stakeholders’ perspectives and knowledge in the state of Minnesota

 Lusi Zhang, PharmD, ECP PhD studen

November 16

ECP Inaugural Toxicology Seminar

Sponsored by the Speedie-SafetyCall Endowment Fund

Larry Walker, PhD, Interim Director of the National Center for Cannabis Research and Education

November 23



November 30

Evaluation of Recorded Time Deviations on Parameter Estimates in Nonlinear Mixed-effects Modeling

Mutaz Jabar, PharmD, ECP PhD student

 December 7

 DEI Discussion on Bullying and Authorship

Reena Kartha, MS, PhD, Research Assistant Professor and Susan Marino, PhD, Associate Professor, ECP, Discussion Leads

December 14

Class Presentations on Current and Future Research Directions

Student Sharing and Discussion