Department of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology


Where Bench and Patient-Centered Research Come Together

The Department of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology (ECP) is at the forefront of the emerging discipline of experimental pharmacotherapeutics, providing national and international leadership in individualized medicine through prominent research and an excellent graduate program.

Prepare for your career in clinical research with a PhD or M.S. Degree in Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology. The program is designed for students interested in clinical and translational research and advancing the science of human pharmacology and therapeutics to improve the safe, effective and economical use of drugs by patients.

scientist looking through microscope

This cross-disciplinary paradigm translates basic scientific discoveries into safe and effective therapeutic uses by providers and patients, through laboratory experiments and clinical studies. Clinical data can also prompt new questions and investigations, leading back to the bench and beginning a new cycle of translational research.

Pamala JacobsonWhat Drives Professor Pam Jacobson To Match Medications To Genes?

Her research focus is for every person who needs medical treatment will receive drugs that work for them