Pharmaceuticals & Informatics

Pharmacy is an information-intensive field with rapidly increasing volume and complexity. The American Society for Health–Systems Pharmacists recognizes that pharmacy informatics is an integral discipline within clinical informatics, centered on the effective management and delivery of medication related data, information, and knowledge across systems that support the medication-use process. PCHS is dedicated to both the development of data science methods and increasing current and future pharmacist’s knowledge of the application of informatics to pharmacy practice, safe medication use, clinical decision-making, and the improvement of medication therapy outcomes. Faculty in PCHS are at the forefront of research in this field with advanced expertise in information technology including high performance computing for converting big data to actionable knowledge, obtaining useful information from unstructured text using natural language processing, automation with robotics and artificial intelligence.

Applying Informatics Data to Research

Data generated from technology-driven transactions related to insurance billing, pharmacy claims processing, patient monitoring, provider documentation and other sources continues to grow presenting rich sources of information to support pharmacy research. As recognized by the American Society for Health –Systems Pharmacists Pharmacy, informatics plays a key role in analyzing these data for the purposes of understanding performance, evaluating processes, and reporting, predicting, and harvesting new information to create new knowledge for improving outcomes. PCHS faculty have expertise in the use of numerous different informatics data sources to conduct research. Read more