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Achieving High Fidelity to Ensure High Quality Patient Care

October 14, 2020

Ensuring consistency in patient-centered delivery of comprehensive medication management (CMM) across the 12 organizations and over 30 pharmacists is one of the most important components to Slice of PIE. To determine the extent to which the CMM patient care process is delivered consistently, the Slice of PIE initiative utilizes implementation strategies to ensure fidelity, which is defined as the degree to which the service is implemented as intended[1]. Interventions implemented with fidelity have a higher likelihood of reaching their desired clinical and humanistic outcomes than those that are poorly implemented.[2] Therefore, achieving high fidelity to CMM is a critical component to the Slice of PIE program to ensure the highest quality of patient care. This is accomplished by several implementation strategies targeted at increasing fidelity including: 1) periodic self-reported fidelity assessments, 2) action planning and improvement work to increase areas of improvement, 3) web-based learning events, and 4) coaching supports. You can learn more about the other implementation strategies in Slice of PIE in the Implementation Science blog.

Motivation to Participate in the Collaborative: The Pharmacists’ Perspective

August 20, 2020

The HealthPartners Partners in Excellence (PIE) program provides an opportunity to sustainably provide direct patient care, expand patient-centered care approaches and expand access to care through community pharmacies. Pharmacists in the PIE program were invited to participate in the Slice of PIE initiative to facilitate the development of innovative ideas to adjust care models for patients and to share resources and identify areas of improvement within the CMM Patient Care Process delivered in the community pharmacy.

All Teach, All Learn to Impact Health Across the Community

June 24, 2020

In Slice of PIE, 12 community pharmacy organizations representing over 100 pharmacies in Minnesota are working together to improve individual health and demonstrate economic value through engaging at least 1,000 patients in an initial and at least one follow up pharmacist medication therapy management (MTM) encounter by December 31, 2020

Implementation Science is Vital to the Success of Slice of PIE

May 18, 2020

“What does implementation science (IS) have to do with PIE?” We’re so glad you asked! Though it has less to do with the delicious culinary creation than one might like, it will be vital to the success of the Slice of PIE initiative.

A Value-Based Program between Health Plan and Pharmacy Practitioners

May 8, 2020

University of North Carolina Eshelman School of Pharmacy, University of Minnesota Twin Cities, and HealthPartners have formed a partnership to facilitate a learning and action collaborative around the delivery of medication therapy management (MTM) services for HealthPartners Partners in Excellence Program (PIE).  PIE is a health plan pay for performance and recognition program for physicians, medical groups, and pharmacies that achieve top-notch marks in health, experience and affordability.

A Partnership to Optimize Medications, Create Value and Transform Practice

March 31, 2020

“Slice of PIE” is not just a triangular wedge of crusted fruit filling. For 13 Minnesota community pharmacy organizations, “Slice of PIE” is also the name of a learning collaborative, which comprises one of two novel strategies in a project supporting community pharmacist efforts to improve medication use in chronic care management.