Pharmacy Practice

PCHS is dedicated to the advancement of pharmaceutical care. Pharmaceutical care was originally conceptualized by faculty within our department and continues to be an integral focus to our departmental identity. Our faculty engage in a diverse array of pharmacy practice models and services in partnership with healthcare systems, health disciplines, and the community at large to provide high-quality patient-centered care. Our faculty meet this need through patient care, practice-based research, practice innovation, and education. 

PCHS faculty are practicing pharmacy in interprofessional settings across the continuum of care. From acute to chronic care, faculty are working to optimize medication use for individual patient care.

Practice faculty in PCHS work with a variety of learners, including pharmacy, medical, nursing, and dental students and residents. Additionally, practice faculty engage in scholarship to advance teaching and learning in practice-based settings.

charts iconPractice-Based Research

  • Scholarships of practice-based teaching and learning
    • Teaching of pharmacy and medical residents; pharmacy students in a clinical setting
    • Integrated interprofessional models
  • Quality improvement initiatives
  • Advancement and assessment of comprehensive medication management

lightbulb iconPractice Innovations

PCHS faculty are innovating practice through various initiatives spanning training, research, and quality improvement. Our practice faculty continue to establish important collaborations to create new pharmaceutical care sites that expand practice and serve as excellent training grounds for interprofessional student and resident learners. Our faculty also collaborate with partners to provide novel services and training for new and practicing practitioners.