Advancement of Experiential Education

PCHS faculty are leading new initiatives to enhance educational design and evaluate consistency and quality of learning experiences in the experiential setting. Several PCHS faculty are serving in leadership roles.

Ambulatory Care: Jean Moon, PharmD, Course Director

Ambulatory Care Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPEs) in the new curriculum begins May 2016 and will contain new assessment measures, site requirements, preceptor requirements, and remediation processes. We have actively engaged faculty, students, and preceptors out in the community to guide our changes.

Community Pharmacy Practice: Andrew Traynor, PharmD, BCPS, Course Director

Our team is working to develop a consistent approach to delivering high quality Community Pharmacy Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPEs). Our goal is to create learning experiences that will reflect current practice, but help stretch students, preceptors, and community pharmacies to move toward the future and embrace innovative models for patient care.

Patient Care Electives: Ann Philbrick PharmD, Course Director

Patient Care Electives are where our students explore areas of pharmacy practice that align with their practice interest. We strive to offer our students a variety of opportunities that will allow them to delve into an area they dream of attaining more experience with.