Department & Center News

  • Department of Pharmaceutical Care & Health Systems Research Spotlight: Dr. Debbie Pestka
  • Department of Pharmaceutical Care & Health Systems Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Jean Moon and Dr. Jody Lounsbery are faculty at the Broadway Family Medicine Clinic which was named a 2020 MPhysicians Clinical Training Site of Excellence through OACA.
  • Led by members of the Department of Pharmaceutical Care & Health Systems, the Innovations in Pharmacy, v. 12(1) 2021 has been released. This publication is now available on the public PubMed Central site.
  • College of Pharmacy alumni and faculty are partnering with the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP) to provide an international comprehensive medication management (CMM) training opportunity to help advance pharmacy practice and improve medication globally. 
  • Center for Orphan Drug Research - Summer 2021 Newsletter
  • Dr. Carolyn Fairbanks, associate dean for research and graduate education, and professor in the Department of Pharmaceutics, moderated the discussion on the Picture-A-Scientist Discussion held as part of the 8th Minnesota Neuromodulation Conference which is part of IEM Innovation Week and follows the Design of Medical Devices Conference. Co-moderators included Drs. Cory Goracke-Postle and Becca Cuellar of the Office of the ADR, Vrishali Salian of the GP-Pharmaceutics, and Cecilia Barajas of the GP-ECP. 
  • The 5th Annual David J.W. Grant Symposium was delivered in an online format this year that allowed approximately 170 participants from around the world to join. The symposium is held in honor of the late David Grant, a professor and William and Mildred Peters Endowed Chair. Grant was globally recognized for his expertise and contributions in several areas, most notably in the field of pharmaceutical materials science.