Preceptor of the Year


Preceptor of the Year

pereiraCongratulations to Chrystian Pereira,  PharmD, BCPS, the 2021 recipient of the Preceptor of the Year award!

Chrystian is an Associate Professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Care & Health Systems in the College of Pharmacy and a Preceptor at M Health Fairview Clinic — Smiley’s, one of two sites in our 1st Year Pharmaceutical Care Leadership program. Chrystian was nominated by 2020 Smiley’s resident Ann Nagle. Residents were asked to provide a story of how their preceptor personified this quote: 


“A mentor is not someone who walks ahead of us to show us how they did it, a mentor walks alongside us to show us what we can do.” — Simon Sinek

An excerpt from Ann’s submission:

Nagle HeadshotChrystian has done an amazing job this year helping me to develop as a new practitioner. He models the kind of patient-centered pharmacist I want to be on a daily basis. He effortlessly makes connections with patients and earns their trust and respect from the get-go. For example, one patient who we met early in my residency required extra effort from the pharmacy team far beyond “clinic hours” to keep him safe. Chrystain jumped into action to help him get the medication he needed for not only safety, but to get that patient to his daughter’s wedding that weekend. I’ve seen that patient several times since that extra effort Chrystian put in and the patient reminds me every time how much it meant to him that Chrystian helped him above any means another healthcare provider has ever done. He models a can-do attitude for our patients that I will take with me for the rest of my career.

Chrystian continues to be an exceptional mentor for me as well, showing some of those same extra efforts to help me grow into a competent and confident pharmacist too. Chrystian learned early on about me and continues to make efforts to help me grow in my areas of interest and maybe more importantly, helps me to expand in areas to which I haven’t had much exposure. For example, he knew from the beginning of residency that I had an interest in public health and helps me to frame many challenges or discussions with a public health lens. This helps me to think critically and expand my views on issues I may have not had thought of previously. Chrystian also has an amazing gift for being able to find incredible opportunities for residents as well.  He has helped connect me to discussions, presentations, and publications ranging from health equity and inclusion to clinical blood pressure quality improvement projects.

One of the most significant things Chrystian has done that has led to this nomination is that he has helped me to realize my potential as a pharmacist and community member. From the beginning he saw my potential and has worked tirelessly (even answering random texts when he’s out of the clinic) to help me grow clinically and in my confidence. It has been a rough year for the world. We’ve of course had to deal with a global pandemic and also loss within our program which he helped me to talk through and preserve my emotional health.  Chrystian regularly checks in to see what I need and how I’m doing and it has made all the difference. He’s a gifted clinician and preceptor and I hope I can make him proud by going out as a new practitioner providing the patient-centered care that he has modeled so well.