New Site Spotlight


New Site Spotlight

Mille Lacs Health System

mlhsMille Lacs Health System (MLHS) is a Critical Access facility located in Onamia, MN that has served the greater Mille Lacs area for over 50 years. Over time, the facility has expanded to include a hospital, 4 medical clinics, a long term care facility, an assisted living facility, ambulance services, a surgery center, infusion services, an inpatient geriatric psychiatry unit, and home care services. MLHS is committed to providing the highest quality patient-centered care to those living in rural Minnesota and helping its patients to achieve and maintain optimal health.

MLHS pharmacists provide clinical care in a variety of settings including the acute care hospital and inpatient psychiatry unit where they provide patient co-management and medication management consults, the long term care unit where they manage anticoagulation and dispense medications, and the clinic where they provide clinical support and vaccinations. Currently, MLHS is embarking on a $30 million dollar expansion and renovation project to continue developing the services provided to this community. MLHS’s pharmacy department has begun expansion as well, initiating medication management services within the Onamia outpatient clinic for the first time.

Led by site preceptor Jennifer McDonnell, the MLHS residency is designed to provide residents with education in all areas of rural health care, including inpatient and long-term care, with a focus on the ambulatory setting. The current resident, Sandra Leo, has been actively involved in initiation of medication therapy management services, expansion of the site’s outpatient Medication-Assisted Treatment program, as well as other projects to increase the role of the pharmacy staff within ambulatory care and other areas of the health system.

Geritom Medical, Inc.

geritom_medicalFor over three decades, Geritom has been a leader in the Long Term Care Industry with comprehensive pharmacy, clinical, and MTM/DTM services for individuals with complex chronic health conditions. Geritom works to make sure the pharmacy needs of the most vulnerable patients in the region are taken care of on a daily basis.

Geritom’s approach to Medication Therapy Management is to achieve the highest MTM/DTM standards in the industry. Geritom has earned URAC Drug Therapy Management (DTM) accreditation, joining as the fourth fully accredited program in the nation.
Geritom’s practice model has been highlighted at the state and national level with the unique combination of long term care pharmacy, specialty pharmacy, MTM/DTM, and Pharmacogenomics to create a patient centered value based model where positive clinical outcomes and cost savings have far exceeded traditional models of care. Geritom’s practice model for MTM/DTM has profound impacts on reductions in ER visits, hospital-izations, and costs to the healthcare system.

Geritom is a founding member of the Altair Accountable Care Organization to create a better model of care for the LTC population. Altair ACO is the nation’s first disability focused ACO with a mission to bring the collective resources of its members to create quality innovative solutions and service delivery models that promote desired outcomes for people served in HCBS and ICF services.

The Geritom Residency Program is rewarding for the Pharmacy Resident who can very quickly gain experience with seeing nearly every clinical specialty and making drug therapy recommendations on multiple levels of polypharmacy. The Pharmacy Residents work closely with the Geritom leadership team on expanding the program and are involved in meetings with PBM’s, ACO’s, outside healthcare organizations, and physician groups.