Welia Health: New Community Pharmacy Position


Welia Health:

New Community Pharmacy Position

Welia Health is excited for its expansion of its residency program with the addition of a second resident, who focuses on providing patient care in both ambulatory and community pharmacy settings. Welia feels strongly that having two residents will allow for additional learning opportunities and improve the residents overall experience. Located in rural, East-Central Minnesota, this position helps Welia expand and enhance the services patients receive at the community pharmacies and helps create well-rounded rural healthcare providers. The new resident works alongside other providers at all three Welia Health Clinics utilizing a collaborative practice agreement, both in the ambulatory care and community pharmacy settings, to provide comprehensive medication management services. This work has a real and immediate impact on patient care and helps Welia meet its mission to “support and improve the health of the communities it serves.” Welia Health is excited for the expertise that Dr. Joseph Dvorak and his team of community pharmacists brings to this new residency position.