Germany APPE

Germany APPE 2017

The College of Pharmacy accepts ten students per year. The rotation time frame will be May 15 to June 16, 2017.


Students Look at National Health Policy in the U.S. and Germany

College of Pharmacy PDIII students may participate in the elective Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) “Comparative & International Health-care Policy.”

Students begin the APPE with a week in the Twin cities investigating the political, legislative, insurance and distributive aspects of the Minnesota health-delivery system.  This is followed by a week in Washington, D.C., where the role of the Federal government is explored. In this week we meet with Medicare at Health and Human Services, member(s) of Congress, lobby firm, national professional associations.

In the third week the group travels to Velbert, a small city in western Germany. Over the next three weeks, students:

  • Travel throughout the country to visit many German officials to learn more about the country’s health care system
  • Spend time at the Adler Apotheke pharmacy and learn about pharmacy practice in Germany.
  • Share knowledge of pharmacy practice in the U.S. with German health professionals and students.
  • Spend a week in Berlin where students meet with German representatives of politics, insurance, legislative, regulatory affairs and universities.
  • Explore German culture and travel to other European cities on weekends.

Germany APPEThe DC Visit includes:

  • Meeting with lobbyists who represent health interests
  • Talking with staff members from the Department of Health and Human Services
  • Meeting at the American Pharmacists Association headquarters to discuss the direction of the pharmacy profession and how the various associations work together to provide an environment in which new pharmacists can prosper
  • Learning about legislative and policy initiatives occurring at the state and national levels.

The TC Portion includes:

  • Meeting with the German-based Preceptors in person and via Skype.
  • Meeting with staff and leaders from the Board of Pharmacy, non-profits, and industry
  • Visiting MN payors, regulatory boards and manufacturing facilities as appropriate
  • Dinner at Gasthauf Bavarian Hunter, Stillwater, MN

One student participant said: “The experience in Washington D.C. enhanced what I was able to learn in Germany by allowing me to see the complexity of the U.S. healthcare system in terms of healthcare coverage. Through visiting Washington D.C. prior to the Germany rotation, I was better prepared to realize the differences between these two large healthcare markets.”