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Site Stats 

Host Site: GuidePoint Pharmacy #101 (Brainerd)
NMS Match Code:111237
Program Length: 1 year
No. of Positions: 1 per year
Site Coordinator: Laura Schwartzwald, R.Ph.
Additional Preceptors:  Megan Krueger, PharmD
Resident: Meet the current resident

Site Profile

This residency is a joint venture between GuidePoint Pharmacy and Northern Pines Mental Health Clinic in conjunction with the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy to offer ambulatory care services to mental health patients in underserved areas of rural Minnesota. GuidePoint Pharmacy is a progressive, independent, community pharmacy chain located across the state of Minnesota in mostly rural settings. GuidePoint’s mission is to assist patients to achieve the best possible outcomes from their healthcare decisions by providing exceptional education and guidance.

GuidePoint owners’ and clinicians’ medication management therapy (MTM) philosophy is reflected in the name, GuidePoint - helping guide customers and pointing them in the direction of good health. As such, clinicians have been providing pharmaceutical care services and targeted disease state management through specialized training since the mid 90s, before these services were widely accepted. GuidePoint quickly embraced Mirixa and Outcomes reimbursement platforms upon their introduction in 2006 and was nationally recognized in 2008 with the Mirixa Innovation Award for implementing a cost saving therapeutic substitution program. Since then, their pharmacy services have expanded to include: smoking cessation education programs, Medicare-approved diabetes self-management education and training, comprehensive health screenings, point of care testing, vaccinations, and telepharmacy services. The resident will be based out of GuidePoint #101 in Brainerd, MN, and will also be spending a significant amount of time at Northern Pines Mental Health Clinic.  

Northern Pines Mental Health Clinic is a Minnesota-based nonprofit corporation governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, representing the communities it serves. The Health Clinic is a comprehensive community mental health center that was established in 1964, with a six-county service area in Central Minnesota. They provide a full range of mental health services to all ages, including mobile crisis outreach services, Adult Community Based Services, Assertive Community Treatment services for adults and youth, Children & Family Services, school-based services, mental health and wellness education and promotion, medication management, outpatient therapy, psychiatry, peer specialist services, chemical health services, some housing assistance, a drop-in center located in Brainerd, and more.

Educational Experience

The resident will work collaboratively in a primary mental health care clinic to optimize patients’ medication-related clinical outcomes via the University of Minnesota’s pharmaceutical care model. The resident will see patients in a direct patient care role to provide medication management and disease state management services while they manage the patient’s schedule. They will also serve as a resource to the Northern Pines clinic by answering questions, conducting trainings, hosting community outreach programs, and participating in quality improvement projects. The remaining time will be spent attending management meetings, completing resident and research projects, and teaching opportunities in the clinic, community and APPE/IPPE student relations. Other required activities include participating in regularly scheduled journal club/topic discussions and attending meetings, including a monthly MTM practitioner meeting, health care home meetings and accountable care organization (ACO) care conferences. In affiliation with the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy, the resident will also participate in Academic Days and Residency Seminars and have teaching opportunities at the College of Pharmacy.

Site Coordinator

Laura Schwartzwald, R.Ph., is the owner and co-founder of GuidePoint Pharmacy. She graduated from North Dakota State University in 1988. She has been the preceptor for more than 140 pharmacy students in the last 12 years. She was awarded the Community Preceptor of the Year by the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy in 2007 and again in 2008. In 2015 Laura was honored with the National Preceptor of the Year award by the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) Foundation. She has been a member of the Committee for Experiential Practice since it began in 2009 and participated in “Ambulatory Care” and “Community Care” workgroups with the Office of Experiential Education for their new curriculum. Laura has been a featured speaker for Leadership Lunch Series and White Coat Ceremony events for the College of Pharmacy. Laura is also active with the Minnesota Department of Health on immunization objectives by serving on a variety of task forces and advisory committees. As a result, she was awarded the 2014 G. Scott Giebink Excellence in Immunizations award for the state of Minnesota and received honorable mention at the 2015 national summit for her work with adult immunization.  In 2010, she was selected by the Governor to serve on the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy. She was reappointed in 2014, and is currently serving as the Vice President.                                 


Megan Krueger, PharmD, received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from North Dakota State University College of Pharmacy in 1999.  Megan’s interests include a desire to help patients improve their health through  disease state management services with an emphasis on diabetes. In 2000, Megan completed the certificate diabetes care program, “Pharmacy Partners in Diabetes Care,” sponsored by the University of Washington, Lifescan & The Institute of Continuing Healthcare Education and designed to provide comprehensive education in the delivery of pharmaceutical care for individual patients, as well as small group training for the management of diabetes. 

In 2008, Megan embraced “About the Patient,”  a statewide North Dakota program aimed to improve overall health for the population through a variety of self wellness strategies. Megan helped to implement the first initiative, the Diabetes Management Program,  sponsored by the North Dakota Pharmacists Association and North Dakota University College of Pharmacy.In 2013, Megan launched GuidePoint Diabetes Services, a Medicare accredited program through the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) designed to enhance diabetes self-management education and training services for eligible participants.  As the coordinator, Megan ensures that the curriculum continues to meet all AADE requirements, national treatment standards, and protocols in addition to tracking and reporting data, and conducting annual advisory committee meetings.