Coborn’s Pharmacy - Little Falls

Vital Site Stats

Host Site: CHI – St. Gabriel’s Health: Family Medical Center / Coborn’s Pharmacy
NMS Match Code:111230
Site Emphasis: Community Clinic
Program Length: 1 year
Number of positions: 1 per year
Site coordinator: Nicole Ebnet, PharmD
Additional preceptors: Jerron Boser, Pharm.D., Jason Miller, PharmD

Site Profile

CHI – St. Gabriel’s Health: Family Medical Center is a regional primary care clinic located in Little Falls, Minnesota. Connected to their regional hospital, the clinic provides ambulatory care services to the local population and surrounding communities. Home to 17 providers in the Family Medicine and Internal Medicine department, the clinic is a certified Healthcare Home facility and is proactive in tailoring services to meet its’ communities needs.

Coborn’s Pharmacy is part of a supermarket chain primarily serving rural communities throughout the Midwest. Currently, there are 36 stores in Minnesota, 1 in South Dakota, and 1 in Wisconsin under the banners of Coborn’s, Cash Wise, and Marketplace Foods. Coborn’s Pharmacy in Little Falls strives to provide the highest quality care to their patients and has been developing clinical services over the past few years. Some of the main areas of focus for the resident are immunizations, medication therapy management, and quality based initiatives.

Educational Experience

The resident will split time between the clinic, the pharmacy, and their University obligations.  At the pharmacy, the resident will manage the medication therapy management (MTM) practice as well as immunization program under supervision of the preceptor.  At the clinic, the resident will work closely with staff at Family Medical Clinic to continue to grow MTM services at the clinic, operate under a Collaborative Practice Agreement, participate in the Patient Centered Medical Home Team, and support the Controlled Substances Care Team.  The resident will also be responsible for precepting APPE students and holding health seminars for the Little Falls community.

Site Coordinator

Nicole EbnetNicole Ebnet, PharmD, is the primary residency preceptor at Coborn's Pharmacy in Little Falls, Minnesota. She is a 2010 graduate from North Dakota State University and has previous work
experience with a larger national chain pharmacy where she served as the regional medication therapy management provider. Dr. Ebnet's area of focus includes medication therapy management, immunization services, and community outreach.


Jerron Boser, PharmD, is a preceptor at Coborn’s Pharmacy in Little Falls, Minnesota. He is a 2013 graduate from the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy in Duluth. Dr. Boser has been with Coborn’s since 2013 and has been involved with the residency program since 2015. Dr. Boser's areas of focus include ambulatory care, immunization services, and medication therapy management.

Jason Miller, PharmD, is the Pharmacy Clinical Program Manager for Coborn’s Inc., and has been with the company in different roles since 2005. Some of Dr. Miller’s key areas of focus are medication therapy management, immunization services, and precepting students and residents. Dr. Miller is a graduate of the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy, class of 2011, and is involved in several national and local organizations including ASHP, ACCP, MPhA, and MSHP, he currently serves on MPhA’s MTM Academy, the Peer Advisory Panel for the MedEdgeRx Network, and the