Digital ProAir Inhaler Available

Anjoli Punjabi, Pharm.D., MPH, Federally Qualified Urban Health Network

The first digital inhaler, ProAir digital, has now been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Much like the non-digital version of this inhaler, the device is a dry powder breath activated inhaler. The inhaler has a dose counter and delivers 108 mcg albuterol sulfate and 90 mcg albuterol base per actuation. The inhaler “may help patients have a more informed dialogue with their health care provider about their asthma or COPD management,” stated Teva in a news release. 

The inhaler has a built in sensor that sends information on inspiratory volume to a cell phone application via BlueTooth. Patients can review data trends over time and share this information with their provider, should they wish. The numbers on the counter display turn red when 20 doses are left and the dose counter display turns solid red when zero doses are remaining. This feature lets patients know when to contact their pharmacy or provider for a medication refill.  The inhaler will be available in limited quantities through “Early Experience” programs in 2019 and will become more widely available in 2020. 


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