Curbside Consult Volume 19, Issue 3 - Third Quarter 2021

Research Updates 

Effect of Cytisine vs Varenicline on Smoking Cessation: A Randomized Clinical Trial
Kristopher Nguyen, PharmD, New Ulm Medical Center
Cytisine is a plant-derivative product that has been used in European countries as a smoking cessation aid for decades. Will a randomized, open-label study show that cytisine is non-inferior to varenicline, a proven efficacious medication, for continuous smoking abstinence?

Tripe vs Dual Inhaler Therapy for Treatment of Persistent Uncontrolled Asthma
Sara Leistico, PharmD, Minnesota Direct Care and Treatment
What is appropriate additional treatment for patients with persistent asthma already on two inhalers? Current guidelines have weak recommendations on the addition of a LAMA inhaler to dual therapy in patients with persistent asthma. This systematic review and meta-analysis compares the outcomes and adverse effects of triple vs dual inhaler therapy in this population.

Tirzepatide vs Semaglutide Once Weekly in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes
Anna Lange, PharmD, Goodrich Pharmacy
How does tirzepatide, a new dual glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide (GIP) and glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) receptor agonist, compare to semaglutide for the treatment of type 2 diabetes?

Therapeutic Thoughts

Flozins, The New Statins for Heart Failure?
Sonal Divecha, PharmD, Community-University Health Care Center
Statins remain the choice of therapy in risk-based prevention of cardiovascular disease. However, recent evidence has shed light on the novel use of anti-diabetic agents to supplement this paradigm. Do we have a basis for this theory?

Best Practice for Use of Short-Course Antibiotics in Common Infections
Lauren Ostlund, PharmD, Broadway Family Medicine
Considerations for shortened antibiotic regimens in common bacterial infections.

The Use of Muscle Relaxants in the Treatment of Non-Specific Low Back Pain
Reid Larson, PharmD, Welia Health
When treating low back pain, are muscle relaxants the answer or part of the problem?

From the Pharmacy Press  

Impact of Pharmacist and Physician Collaborations in Primary Care on Reducing readmission to Hospital: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Sandra Leo, PharmD, Mille Lacs Health System
Previous studies have demonstrated that hospital-based pharmacist interventions lead to lower hospital readmission rates. Does intervention by pharmacists involved on the primary care team lead to similar reductions in hospital readmission rates?

Implementation of Pharmacy-Led Services to Identify and Treat Osteoporotic Fractures
Erica Hanson, PharmD, Cash Wise Clinic Pharmacy
This article looks at implementing pharmacist and pharmacy student-led interventions to increase DXA screening rates and treatment of patients at risk for osteoporotic fractures. This study is unique as it targets male veterans 70 years of age or older in a rural setting.

Community Pharmacists’ Perceptions of Participation in a Sustainable Value-based Care Model for Comprehensive Medication Management
Alyssa Falleni, PharmD, Hennepin Healthcare
Comprehensive medication management (CMM) is an evidence-based practice that can benefit patients, providers, and the healthcare system by reducing utilization costs, preventing and resolving medication therapy problems, and optimally managing disease states. Why do community pharmacies have limited success in the incorporation of CMM and how do pharmacists and pharmacy managers feel about the acceptability, appropriateness, and feasibility of implementing CMM in their practice setting?

Miscellaneous News  

Zantac™ is Back: Same Brand, A Familiar but Different Ingredient
Bobby LeDuff, PharmD, Essentia Health
In 2020, all ranitidine products, including Zantac™, were recalled from the market by the FDA due to dangerous levels of impurities. Zantac™ has now been rebranded and includes a familiar active ingredient, which may lead to confusion among patients and providers.

Unsafe Drugs Now Safe? FDA's Request to Change Statin Warning in Pregnancy
Ryan Albrecht, PharmD, Coborn’s CSC
For over 30 years, statins have carried the US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) highest recommendation to avoid use in pregnancy, which manufacturers have adopted in the form of contraindications. Now, based on years of data, the FDA has re-evaluated this stance on statins in pregnancy and has released a new recommendation.

New Approval for SHINGRIX Vaccine
Hanna Friedrich, PharmD, Cub Pharmacy
The FDA announced an expanded approval for the SHINGRIX vaccine at the end of July 2021. Which patients will qualify for this exciting change?