Curbside Consult Volume 16, Issue 1 - First Quarter 2018

Research Updates 

A 12-Year Follow-up on the Long-Term Effectiveness of the Quadrivalent Human Papillomavirus Vaccine in 4 Nordic Countries
Dani Odenthal, Pharm.D., Walgreens Pharmacy/UMP Bethesda Family Medicine
Will the quadrivalent HPV vaccine show continued effectiveness even up to 12 years in a long-term follow-up study?

Association Between Calcium or Vitamin D Supplementation and Fracture Incidence in Community-Dwelling Older Adults: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Briana Gray, PharmD, St. Cloud VA Health Care System
Do calcium and vitamin D actually prevent fractures in community dwelling older adults?

Association of Cardiovascular Risk with Inhaled Long-Acting Bronchodilators in Patients with COPD
Dema Mohammed, PharmD, Community-University Health Care Center
Inhaled long-acting β2-agonists (LABAs) and long-acting antimuscarinic antagonists (LAMAs) newly initiated in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) may be associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) according to a recent study published in January 2018.  

Therapeutic Thoughts

Focusing Primary Efforts on the Right Interventions in Management of Type 2 Diabetes
Eli Eggen, PharmD, West Side Community Health Services
Are we spending enough time on supporting lifestyle changes and self-management in newly diagnosed diabetes?

2017 ACC/AHA Hypertension Guidelines: Influential or Controversial?
Lauren Turner, PharmD, Fairview Pharmacy Services
The new hypertension guidelines recommend a strikingly different way in which to detect and treat hypertension, looking at more stringent blood pressure targets as well as cardiovascular disease risk.

Does the Type and Duration of Hormonal Contraceptives Used Increase Cancer Risk?
Courtney Christopher, Pharm.D., Goodrich Pharmacy
With new forms of hormonal birth control options available, can we expect the same risks of breast cancer that we have seen with previous studies of oral contraception? Does duration of therapy matter and can our lifestyle choices alter these risks? 

From the Pharmacy Press  

Pharmacy Student Involvement in Student-Run Free Clinics
Anjoli Punjabi, PharmD, MPH, Broadway Family Medicine
Student-Run Free Clinics provide multi-faceted benefits for student pharmacists and surrounding communities!

Specialty Pharmacy and Specialty Clinic Collaboration in Treatment of Hepatitis C
Jacob Lenzmeier, PharmD, CentraCare Health-Saint Cloud
The treatment of Hepatitis C infection has improved dramatically with the FDA-approval of several direct-acting antivirals. What role can pharmacists play to help care for these patients?

Medication Management in Minnesota schools: A Unique Partnership Opportunity
Brittany Thelemann, PharmD, New Ulm Medical Center
School nurses are responsible for increasingly complex medication management and administration in schools. Are nurses interested in collaborating with pharmacists? 

Miscellaneous News 

The First Pill Goes Digital: Abilify MyCite ®
Kristin Howlett, PharmD, Park Nicollet
Now there’s a pill that communicates to an app after it has been ingested—could this be the next big disruptor in medicine? 

Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Yellow Book: What is new in 2018?
Morgan Stoa, PharmD, Community University Health Care Center
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has published their 2018 update to the Yellow Book providing several updated recommendations about how to care for international travelers, including information about the new oral cholera vaccine, Vaxchora®, traveling with children, and new emerging infectious disease threats. 

New Drug Update

Semaglutide (Ozempic®) - Novo Nordisk
Natalie Roy, PharmD, MHealth Neurology Clinic
There’s a new-kid GLP-1 agonist on the block! Will semaglutide measure up?