Curbside Consult Volume 18, Issue 3 - Third Quarter 2020

Research Updates 

The Association of Azithromycin Use with Cardiovascular Mortality
Timothy Isdahl, Pharm.D., Minnesota Community Care
Does azithromycin increase risk of cardiac death compared to amoxicillin?  Two commonly prescribed antibiotics are compared to better understand the cardiac risk of azithromycin.

Statin Therapy for Primary Prevention in US Veterans 75 Years and Older
Paige Behrend, Pharm.D. , Park Nicollet
With an aging population and ASCVD as the number one cause of death in the U.S., should we rethink our stance on statin initiation in older adults? This retrospective VA study examines the mortality benefit of statins in primary prevention for patients 75 years and older.

An Efficacy and Safety Comparison of Oral P2Y12 Inhibitors
Alexandra Vecchia, Pharm.D., M Health Fairview
New studies of P2Y12 inhibitors have become available since the AHA/ACC published their 2014 NSTEMI guidelines. Does the new evidence support or contradict AHA/ACC recommendations?

Therapeutic Thoughts

Triple Therapy for Moderate-to-Severe Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Taylor Grupa, Pharm.D., Essentia Health
Guidelines recommend stepwise therapy for treatment of COPD, and recommend using triple inhaled therapy for treating moderate-to-severe COPD for those who remain symptomatic with frequent exacerbations on dual therapy. A new trial seeks to compare two doses of triple inhaled therapy to dual therapy and findings question the role of LABA/ICS therapy for treatment of COPD.  

Pharmacists Authorized to Prescribe Self-Administered Hormonal Contraceptives
Katherine Anderson, Pharm.D., Cash Wise Clinic Pharmacy / Affiliated Community Medical Center
The Minnesota Legislature amended section 151.37 to state that pharmacists have the authority to prescribe self-administered hormonal contraceptives. A study completed in San Francisco on the successful implementation of community based pharmacies gives a model for Minnesota community pharmacies. 

From the Pharmacy Press  

Drug-Drug Interactions: Antidepressants and Beta Blockers
Atuobi Nana Yiadom, Pharm.D., CentraCare Hospital, Paynesville
Does combining antidepressants and beta blockers increase the risk of hospitalizations? CYP2D6 has the answer.

Burnout among clinical pharmacists: causes, interventions, and a call to action
Brianna Ferrell, Pharm.D., Essentia Health
How is burnout affecting clinical pharmacists? Examining the main drivers of this issue and how to fight it.

Pharmacist-Led NSAID Deprescribing Program
Colton Sharp, Pharm. D., MBA, Walgreens Pharmacy | M Health Fairview Bethesda
A study comparing the benefits and disadvantages of pharmacist-led NSAID deprescribing in the outpatient setting. Are pharmacists able to make an impact in the overuse of NSAIDs?

Miscellaneous News  

Dapagliflozin now indicated for treatment of heart failure with reduced ejection fraction
Sara Maki, Pharm.D., North Memorial Blaine Clinic
Learn which popular diabetes medication has recently gained approval for treatment of heart failure.

Routine Testing for Hepatitis C Can Cut Costs, Save Lives
Larissa Yehle, Pharm.D., Coborns CSC
Routine testing for Hepatitis C has been shown to reduce financial burden and provide better health outcomes than the previous targeted testing approach based on certain risk factors. The CDC has now updated their recommendations based on this information.  

Walgreens and VillageMD to Open 500 to 700 Full-Service Doctor Offices within Next Five Years in a Major Industry First
Ann Nagle, Pharm.D., M Health Fairview Clinic - Smiley's
“Village Medical at Walgreens” is a new enterprise through Walgreens and VillageMD offering primary care services in clinics connected to Walgreens pharmacies. The venture is set to expand up to 700 sites nationwide in the next five years with the goal of increasing access to care through integrated in-person and virtual care models.