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Match Phase II - Two Positions

We currently have open positions at two of our sites: Avera Marshall Regional Medical Center and Cash Wise Clinic Pharmacy/Affiliated Communities Medical Center. These are the only site that have an open position, you can learn more about them on our residency site page. We will be following the Match Phase II schedule and applications are required to be submitted via PhORCAS and will open for each site on March 23, 9:00 AM EST. Avera Marshall and Cashwise will reach out to candidates they wish to interview directly after applications have been submitted; no need to individually contact the program. Avera Marshall's application has closed. All candidates invited for an interview have been contacted. Cash Wise's application will close on April 2. We encourage you to apply early. You can learn more about the Match here:

Application Deadline is January 2, 2018

The University of Minnesota participates in the online application service, PhORCAS, which allows applicants to submit one application and use it for multiple residency programs. Applicants will have the option to customize each application to the program(s) of their choice.

Residency: Preparing Future Pharmacists for the Workforce

The public perception and actual role of pharmacists in the United States is in the midst of a change. More and more U.S. pharmacists are transitioning from traditional roles like the filling of prescriptions to full participation in the health care team.

Annual Newsletter

An annual publication to introduce a new year of residents, feature alumni accomplishments, and highlight program news.

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Curbside Consult

The Curbside Consult is a quarterly publication written and edited by residents that serves to build their skills in scholarly analysis of current research in pharmacotherapy while providing an opportunity to disseminate this information to a broader healthcare community.

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Volume 16, Issue 1 - 2018

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