Continuing Professional Development Draft

Continuing Pharmacy Education and Workforce Development

Continuing education in health care is more than a licensing requirement — it is an opportunity to expand your professional horizons, stay up to speed with new developments in your field, and network in new ways with your peers. The University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy strives to offer participants unique CE and workforce development opportunities that showcase the expertise of our nationally ranked faculty and provide practice-applicable information about the hottest topics in pharmacy.

Continuing Pharmacy and Interprofessional Education Opportunities

As a member of the University of Minnesota Interprofessional Continuing Education team and Academic Health Center, CPE is able to provide interprofessional online and hybrid courses structured for the whole healthcare team. We partner with continuing education providers in Medicine, Nursing, and Dentistry to offer comprehensive and unique educational experiences.

Specialized Services in Workforce Development

CPE offers online continuing education courses, specialized educational development and instructional technology consultations, and interprofessional accreditation services. If your organization is looking to expand the educational opportunities available to your pharmacists and pharmacy technicians or is hoping to accredit an existing educational experience, contact our office to discuss the possibilities!

Person holding pillOpiates: Preventing Addiction and Managing Pain

This introductory course covers opioid addiction basics, strategies to decrease the risk of opioid addiction when treating patients with pain, and ways to treat acute pain in patients with opioid addiction.

VeterinaryVeterinary Pharmacotherapy Series

This series of courses is designed to enable pharmacists to talk to pet owners and ensure medications for companion animals are effective. Veterinary pharmacotherapy is an area of growing interest and a great additional service for a pharmacy!