2021 Residents:  Where are they now?

Paige Behrend - Park Nicollet Health
Clinical Pharmacist, Genoa Healthcare, Golden Valley, MN

David Bunch -  Pharmaceutical Care Leadership Year 2 - Geritom Medical, Inc.
MTM Pharmacist, Fairview Pharmacy Services, Minneapolis, MN

Emily Evan - Community-University Health Care Center
Pharmacist, Department of Human Services, Direct Care & Treatment, St. Peter, MN

Brianna Ferrell - Essentia Health Services
Program Manager- Centralized Discharge Counseling Service, Essentia Health, Superior, WI

Taylor Grupa - Essentia Health Services
Population Health Pharmacist, Essentia Health, Duluth, MN

Timothy Isdahl - Minnesota Community Care
Staff Pharmacist, Minnesota Community Care, St. Paul, MN

Ashley Jensen - New Ulm Medical Center
Pharmacist, Veterinary Pharmaceutical Solutions, St. Peter, MN

Ellie LaNou - St. Cloud Veterans Affairs Health Services
Director, Professional Affairs, Board of Pharmacy Specialties, Washington D.C.

Sara Maki - Pharmaceutical Care Leadership Year 2 - North Memorial Blaine Clinic
Clinical Pharmacy Specialist, North Memorial Blaine Clinic, Blaine, MN

Lauren Martens - CentraCare - St. Cloud
Clinical Ambulatory Pharmacist, CentraCare Health, St. Cloud, MN

Radhika Patel - Minnesota Community Care
Staff Pharmacist, Minnesota Community Care, St. Paul, MN

Caitlin Pederson - Fairview Pharmacy Services
Medication Management Services Pharmacist, Mayo Clinic Health System, Austin, MN

Sami Russo - Goodrich Pharmacy
Pharmacist, Goodrich Pharmacy, Anoka, MN

Alexandra Vecchia - Fairview Pharmacy Services
Therapy Management Pharmacist, M Health Fairview, Minneapolis, MN

Bridget Williams - Allina Health
Ambulatory Care Pharmacist Practitioner, Allina Health, Minneapolis, MN

Atuobi Yiadom - CentraCare - Paynesville
Oncology Pharmacist, Mayo Clinic, Minneapolis, MN

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Alumni Reflections

"The residency program provided me with a solid foundation to thrive as an ambulatory care pharmacist working in an interdisciplinary care team. During my experiences at Westside Community Health Services, I found my passion for working with underserved communities specifically with Hmong and Spanish speaking populations and academia teaching student pharmacists. The residency provided a foundation in all areas as a practitioner, educator and scholar. I would have never imagined as a student pharmacist that I would be teaching future pharmacists on topics such as biostatistics, guiding and facilitating Journal Clubs and complementary health."
Kajua B. Lor, PharmD, BCACP, Chair and Associate Professor, Clinical Sciences Department, MCW School of Pharmacy - 2010 graduate

"This residency program prepared me to be able to effectively and confidently start, maintain and grow a new practice."
Lauren Turner PharmD, MTM Pharmacist, MHealth Medical and Surgical Weight Management - 2018 graduate

"I am currently the Outpatient Pharmacy Coordinator for a health system with a large medical center, two hospital-based clinics, and several Rural Health Clinics. In my role I am tasked with expanding ambulatory care pharmacy services throughout the district and partnering organizations. The PCLR gave me perspective on my own leadership style, regulatory issues around pharmacists’ scope of practice and fiscal opportunities for pharmaceutical care, and the importance of a well-defined practice model; all of this, in addition to the strong ambulatory care skills I developed during my training have helped me in my current role."
Cory Nelson, PharmD, BCACP, Outpatient Pharmacy Coordinator, Kaweah Delta Medical Center- 2016 Graduate

"I cannot understate the importance of my residency experience in getting me to where I am today. I would not have been considered for my current position without the residency, and perhaps more importantly I would not have been prepared for this position without the experience and knowledge that I gained during residency. Nearly every day in practice I draw from residency experiences when making clinical and practice-based decisions. I strongly encourage my fourth year pharmacy students to seriously consider residency because residency has certainly opened doors for me and also improved my confidence as a provider. Additionally, the residency allowed me to sit for my BCACP board exam, and the specialty continuing education I receive for the certification is both interesting and top quality." 
Taylor Hill, PharmD, BCACP, MTM Pharmacist, North Memorial Internal Medicine Clinics - 2014 Graduate

"The residency has allowed me to share best practice medication management and practice management with pharmacists in Iowa and the other states the Iowa Healthcare Collaboartive works with. The health system perspective I gained during residency has served me well as I now work with all sectors of healthcare and can assist in identifying gaps and finding creative solutions to fill those gaps." 
Sarah Derr, PharmD, Director, Medication Safety and Effectiveness, Iowa Healthcare Collaborative - 2016 Graduate

I had the unique opportunity to create a new pharmaceutical care practice in a neurology specialty clinic during residency. This practice development experience was not only a learning opportunity for me, but it allowed me to create a successful practice that is now my full-time career. The excellent residency training and mentorship I experienced strengthened my clinical and leadership skills and creating this practice may not have been possible without this residency!
Natalie Roy, PharmD, Medication Therapy Management Pharmacist, Neurology Clinic, University of Minnesota Health Clinics and Surgery Center - 2018 Graduate