Why Minnesota?

Minnesota is an amazing place to live and work. The state's nickname, The Land of 10,000 Lakes, is certainly fitting. There are over 11,842 lakes over 10 acres in size throughout the state. Whether you want to live near Lake Superior in Duluth or amidst the fast pace of the Twin Cities, our state offers a wide range of opportunities.

Student Life on both Campuses

Pharmacy Student Life

Ranked #3 In the Nation

We are the only college of pharmacy in Minnesota offering the PharmD Program. We pride ourselves on educating the next generation of pharmacists.

Benefits of Both Campuses

Leaders in Pharmaceutical Care

As an integral member of the healthcare team, pharmacists provide expertise on drug therapies to patients, physicians, healthcare professionals, and companies. At the U of MN College of Pharmacy, we promote a holistic, interprofessional approach to delivering healthcare to patients. We are also pioneers in developing Medication Therapy Management (MTM) initiatives.

Innovative Learning in Technology Enhanced Classrooms

All courses are taught through interactive learning classrooms. The unique environment provides students the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of pharmacy concepts and research medical case studies while interacting with their peers on both campuses. We encourage students to learn about both campuses, to make the right campus selection.

Learn From World Experts

Our PharmD program is conveniently offered on two campuses: Duluth and Twin Cities. We offer a supportive student environment and have a high graduation and job placement rate at 99%. We also have award-winning pharmacy student organizations with 95% of our students participating in at least one organization. 

Experiential Education & International Opportunities

The Experiential Education Program is the practice component of the Pharmacy Professional Program curriculum. Its goal is to enhance students' attitudes, skills and knowledge through experiential learning to prepare them to provide pharmaceutical care.

Small-College Feel in a Large University

We have a student/faculty ratio of about 6:1, which offers the opportunity to build lifelong professional relationships in the College of Pharmacy. Our faculty members are leading the way in research to improve therapy delivery and treatments of brain disorders, develop novel therapies for cancer and pediatric diseases, and reduce the rehospitalization rate for high-risk patients.